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ISAAC HAYWARD: Guitar Keys Cello


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40 Footsteps - What's On Central Coast Image Whats On Logo button image 40 FOOTSTEPS INFO:
This IS 40 footsteps, a rock band from the Central Coast of Australia, not far north of Sydney.

40 footsteps have had a massive impact on the whole of the Central Coast, and the shockwave is still spreading.

Leading Edge music stocks their debut EP "pigeon compactor," released on 18 February 2004 (contact Josh Daly for more information), the night of a furious Battle of the Bands competition. On the night, 40 footsteps sold out of their 25 EP's and in the course of the next 10 days, they managed to sell over 100 copies.

The band started a few years back, and was founded by Fletcher, Mitch and Matt, who all played on the same soccer team. Fletcher's close friend Anthony Jeffreys soon joined the band playing shredding guitar. Anthony Ursino also was invited to the band's first practice, but he failed to turn up (he turned up at their second practice).

The band's talent grew and grew, until they wrote their first songs. Their first name was Oposite Opinion (with only one P), a name which was not kept for long.

The band later recorded their 2-track demo -- an original What Seems to Be, (which was re-recorded later on the "pigeon compactor" EP) and a cover of Freak by Silverchair.

Some time passed, the band doing some birthday party gigs and the like, each time with a different name.

Pleasantly suprised about recently selling out of EP's on the night of Battle of the Bands, and furthering their sales massively later, 40 footsteps found Josh Daly from Bootleg Entertainment to manage them.

With Bootleg Entertainment on their side, they are currently scoring and locking in Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast gigs. Forget the Age of Aquarius ... this is the age of 40 footsteps.
If you doubt it, listen to the EP.

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40 Footsteps - What's On Central Coast Image