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The Rough Diamonds at the Central Coast Country Music Festival - whatsoncentralcoast image
Gina Jeffreys and Rod McCormack on stage live at the 2009 Central Coast Country Music Festival - whatsoncentralcoast image
The Chicken train Skifflers - whatsoncentralcoast image
Whats On Central Coast Logo image button CENTRAL COAST COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2009 Whats On Central Coast Logo image button
Wow! What a supreme effort must have gone into such a superb festival with so much entertainment. I can only hope and imagine that Vanessa and the crew are having a much needed rest today.
This was the ninth year for the festival. From humble beginnings way back in 2000, this years festival attracted somewhere in the vicinity of 45,000 music fans!
The wonderful thing was that most of the performers and indeed the major stars were locals.

For them there was no lengthy trip to Tamworth, for the crowds, well the local ones anyway, there were also no lengthy trips but for everyone who came there was beautiful weather, a most welcome sea breeze and the usual flocks of Pelicans - We're not in Tamworth any more Toto!

While I have covered many of the more well known major acts I was more curious to catch up with some of the buskers this year as these folks are the ones likely to be adorning local and Tamworth stages in a few years themselves.
The main ones I was hoping to catch were the golden hearted ladies from the all sibling trio, The Rough Diamonds.

Whats On Central Coast Logo image button CENTRAL COAST COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2008Whats On Central Coast Logo image button
The Entrance and surrounding districts will be foot tappin again to the music from the CENTRAL COAST COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL for 2008.

The festival kicks off on the Friday night and runs through until Sunday evening. With too many acts to list them individually, the focus will be The Entrance outdoor venues during the day, then moving to the pubs and clubs in the evening.

And just when it sounds like the festival can't get any better, it turns out that entry to most of the venues is absolutely free!

For a hint of what is in store, acts over the weekend include The Wolverines, Melinda Schneider, The Chicken Train Skifflers, Lucky Starr, Bob Pigott & Working Man’s Dream, Whiskey River, Camille TeNahu & Stuie French, Bec Willis and Friends, Steve Passfield and his Handpicked Duo, Chic Frontier (Kirsty Lee Akers, Aleyce Simmonds, Dianna Corcoran & Amber Lawrence), The Summerland Kings, Kel-Anne Brandt and many, many more.

To celebrate young, local talent, the entertainment on Memorial Park will be launched with a ‘Youth Showcase' on the Saturday morning. Sponsored by Mars Foods, this Showcase will feature talented performers, all eighteen years old and younger! Try and spot the next Adam, Kasey or Gina!

And it isn't just the music that makes this festival so great. There is also a Poet's Breakfast on the Sails Stage on the Sunday morning and Country Music Double Decker Bus Tours.

Memorial Park will also come alive with stalls & exhibitions to entertain the crowds, including the Tex Morton museum. For the young at heart there is plenty on offer, with show rides, face painting, temporary tattoos, fairy floss and much, much more.

Whats On Central Coast Logo image button CENTRAL COAST COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2005 Whats On Central Coast Logo image button
Midnight Riders - CCCMF - WOCC image C C COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2005:
Short of the breeze and the seaside resort feel indelibly cemented into the heart of The Entrance, one could be forgiven thinking they were in the heart of country music's capital, Tamworth over the last weekend.
Almost anything that could be used, was a stage.

The first ones we saw were from the Dingo Track Records stable. Midnight Riders were playing and supporting a few other artists also on board for the day.

The Midnight Riders line up consisted of Rick Llanbias on lead guitar and vocals, Trevor Norman on keyboards and vocals, Ben Kelly on bass, Chicka Daniels on rhythm guitar and vocals and finally Chris Gallaher on drums. While chatting to Noel Smith from Dingo Track the subject of the Tex Morton traveling museum was raised.
What a surprise when Noel took me over to meet Bob Morton, Tex's son and a second cousin to yours truly, whom I had never met. This world can be so small at times.

Bob has spent 27 years in Perth as a professional abalone diver and lived prior to that on the Coast, including Saratoga. In Perth, Bob had spent the last last 7-8 years with a blues band, but said he was just here solo to play some blues harp. Unfortunately with so much to cover I didn't get to see him play. I will however try to amend that next time we meet.

Luke and Morgan Hafey - WOCC imageTraveling down the street, we found two exceptionally talented young musicians in Morgan Hafey, 12, and her 10-year-old brother Lucas playing on the corner under the watchful eye and ears of sound techie, Dad.

Morgan and Lucas did in fact play Tamworth last year and there is an obvious love of music and a blossoming career in the music industry for these kids.
A pleasant surprise later that afternoon to see Lucas had swapped the electric guitar for a banjo and he and Morgan doing a pretty good version of ... of course, Dueling Banjo's. It had all passersby pausing or stopping and listening with absolute delight.

It was about this time we met up with a happy (but must be exhausted) Cathy Treasure from The Entrance Town Centre Management, snapping a few pics of Morgan and Lucas too. Cathy had just left a band on the Memorial Stage and suggested we catch them as well.

The band Cathy had suggested we see were on a break and the Ingrid and Tahlia Racz - WOCC image fill-in artists were Tahlia and Ingrid Racz from the local troupe 'Fellowship Of The Strings'. I have had two musician friends praise this group and recommend I catch them but until now I hadn't had the chance. I can see why my friends were so enthused.
If all I was hearing were the almost angelically harmonious voices of these sisters, surely it will be an awesome experience to catch the whole band with the harps and drums as well.
I will make a point of finding where they will be playing next as my curiosity and anticipation is most definitely piqued.
Snapping a few shots looking decidedly different bandanna-less was King Rhythm himself, Phil King.
Sorry I missed him on the return journey of the circuit, I will catch him and get some details on the girls' next gig.

Jonah's Road came on stage again and the audience were back into the swing. The guys were very entertaining and energetic.
Jonah's Road are regulars at country music festivals and have a huge fan base, for good reason.

A quick trip over to the sails stage and there was a three piece outfit on stage. No names on display but the very helpful folks from Silhouette Sound informed me they were Velvet Road.
The girls had some lovely harmonies and a rendition of a Fleetwood Mac classic (just heard from the Racz sisters) was well performed as was a version of Dolly Parton's hit, 'Joelene'.
I didn't have a chance to get some names, one I was told was Nikki. If it was Nikki who picked up the mandolin it was great to hear.

For other aspects of this event check out The Entrance Town Centre Management's review and the Tamworth Rage Page for some behind the scenes pics.

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