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PHIL KING: Rhythmatist and percussionist


Qualified teacher
Rhythm Lessons

King Rhythm - Phil King - What's On Image
Whats On Logo image THE REVIEW (1) Whats On Logo image
Phil King - What's On imageWhats On Logo image KING RHYTHM: with Ron Sinclair
Bateau Bay Hotel; 14.11.2004

Practice makes perfect... but where do you go from there?
This pliable King seems to have niches all over the place... little wonder he is in such great demand.

Covers, originals, country, rock, blues... the list is long. The ability to pick up a beat and keep or set the pace is phenomenal. The artistic additives fill out and add an interesting slant to the songs as well.

Phil gave us the chance to see some of that exceptionally unique rhythmic talent that is earning him such great prominence in the local and interstate circuit and assuredly, lots of gigs.

His is a craft that few may try but even fewer excel. We are blessed that he is one of those who excel. From drum to drum and strength to strength, King Rhythm just keeps improving while developing his own unique style with every session.

Phil has been in the music industry for so long he could probably play any song you know… and possibly even more that you don’t!

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On stage with Big Rhythm at The Broadbeach Blues festival 2005 - What's On ImageWhats On Logo image KING RHYTHM: The Observer Hotel; 04.12.2004 (with The All Star Trio):
We started watching some friends play at The Observer. The All Star Trio was the temporary tag attached to King Rhythm (Phil King) Rob Henry and Sam Bandanneras.

Although I have seen King Rhythm play before this was a different vibe all together. I hadn't had the chance to see Rob or Sam prior to this and was being quickly initiated to the city scene. I have never encountered any band, duo or trio that was brave enough to attempt, let alone actually pull off, Pink Floyd's "Brick in the Wall."
When I questioned the choice, why was I not surprised to learn that Sam actually was on loan from the Pink Floyd tribute band? An excellent grasp of their style opened up a whole new avenue for some vast choices in the repertoire.

Mr. King displayed his usual adaptability to any music style with less space and equipment that one would find on a tabletop - actually I think the stage was an old tabletop - and had the punters well and truly enthralled. Rob played and sang some different covers with what appeared effortless technique, while together the three put together some great harmonies and blended well.

We left the boys there for awhile and took a wander down the street to the Orient Hotel. Who looks like Bono and sounds like U2? Well it's a tribute band under the banner of Elevation.
They were doing some great U2 sets and were quite convincingly U2'ish. So much in fact, that a couple we met on our wanderings from Dublin left, as they were on holiday and didn't want to feel as if they were back home and seeing the real U2 experience! "We get to see them all the time" was the statement indelibly stamped in my mind. I felt little sympathy for their "plight"!

Back to the Observer. The boys had the crowd going off to the point where the air conditioners had failed or everyone was breathing so heavy that we high-tail it outside the endless bodies to get some air!

That was the pattern of the day. Fabulously loving and caring friends, a happy environment and some diversity of music that one could only dream of up here in such a small area. What more could a girl want?

Whats On Logo image BIO - KING RHYTHM Whats On Logo image
Phil King - King Rhythm imageWhats On Logo image KING RHYTHM:
Phil King has been playing hand drums all his life. He has discovered a unique form of expression, creating and playing intricately textured rhythms that take the listener on a journey of spiritual proportions.

Audiences on the Central Coast have been experiencing Phil's drumming & rhythms regularly over the past few years whilst playing with some of the Coast's more innovative musicians. Phil has played a number of major Blues & Music Festivals, sharing the stage with the likes of Chris Wilson , Matt Corcoran , Pete Cornelius , Phil Emmanuel & Phil Manning .

Over the past 18 months he has supported Richard Clapton , Jimmy Barnes , Diesel & IOTA, capturing the attention of audiences with the spirit of his drum. “People at my gigs are so enthusiastic about what I do. They regularly tell me how the drums & my rhythms make them feel, moving them in ways they've never experienced before. That feedback is very special, & it's a big reason why I keep doing what I do.” A few years ago Phil discovered an African drum called a Djembe (pronounced Gem-Bay) and quickly learned that it was perfect for playing along to modern music, making it sound like a full drum kit. “It meant I could play along to all my favourite bands and all my favourite songs, and gave me the opportunity to actually make music with other musicians. It was a real breakthrough!” Now Phil spends his time playing and performing with musicians from all over the country, receiving invitations to do what he does at a variety of events across Australia . He recently played at Coastfest, the Central Coast 's own music and community festival held at Gosford, where he delighted fans of all ages with his own brand of rock, rhythm and blues drumming. One of the bands Phil performs with is local sensation Dr. Goodvibe , who recently took out the “Best Blues and Roots Song” in the 2005 ABC Newcastle Music Awards. They approached Phil to join them after hearing him play at a local function, and the resulting collaboration is sheer magic, making the band a real standout at this year's Coastfest. Phil has recently been working with Ron Sinclair in a popular duo, playing favourite songs from the sixties through to today's hits. This project has gained many fans, and led to the duo playing lots of parties, family functions and even weddings, all to great reviews.

Phil has also begun working with Alexandra from The Desert Flame School of Belly Dance and does regular performances at a variety of social events around the Central Coast . These performances are energetic and very powerful, with lots of colourful dance and Middle Eastern drum rhythms, creating a wonderful atmosphere wherever they are performed. Now, after years of playing and performing to audiences, Phil has finally begun to teach people how to find their own rhythms and what it is inside you that makes your heart sing. “I've discovered that the drum is only a vehicle for the rhythm that's inside us, and my personal challenge has been how to free myself of all those thoughts that hold me back so I can express myself completely through the drum. It is part meditation, part physical exercise and part spiritual expression, all coming together in a way that challenges personal doubts and fears, allowing individual creativity to come out. It's also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, getting rid of all those frustrations that build up in the course of a day.” Phil now teaches private lessons at his home studio in Forresters Beach on the NSW Central Coast , where he has drums available for beginners and professionals alike. You can also contact Phil to arrange entertainment for your next event or function. Whether it's 20 drummers, a choreographed Belly Dance Show, original music or all your favourite hits, Phil has a professional package to suit all occasions.
You can contact Phil on 4385 6221 or 0409 07 4413

images and text © King Rhythm

Whats On Logo image THE REVIEW (3) Whats On Logo image
King Rhythm - Phil King: whatsoncentralcoast imageWhats On Logo imageFAREWELL THE KING SHOW:
Ron Sinclair and King Rhythm: Bateau Bay Hotel, Sunday April 2 2006:

Well I DID say get there early! Wow Capacity is an understatement.

The car park and lounges as well as the Beer Garden were chokers an hour or so before the boys hit the first note. Not one of the expectant crowd were disappointed at this special show.
On stage with Ron and Phil was special guest bass player Steve Sampson (Fin McCool). Ronnie has been holding out on us with this extremely talented friend methinks! Steve added so much more depth to the sets that the dance area was also well coveted from the early notes. Steve also added some extra harmonies which made 'Old Man' sound just great.

First walk on special guest was Ron's very talented singer/songwriter daughter, Sarah Sinclair. Sarah's confidence has taken great leaps and she is as at home on stage almost as much as her dad. Her rendition of 'Nothing is Free' was absolutely brilliant.

After the send off party for Phil (the BOP party) on Friday night, a few more folks were introduced to the wonderful sounds of Dr Goodvibe. Their infectious charm and style worked a treat as per usual and when Dr Goodvibe took to the stage at the Bateau Bay hotel people took notice.

A quick few songs from Dean Sinclair followed with Dean doing a terrific version of 'Tip Of My Tongue'. Is there anyone in the Sinclair family that isn't riddled with musical talent?
More songs from from Ron, Steve and Phil, including aKing Rhythm and Craig in sync with the Brackets and Jam drummers.  WhatsOnCentralCoast image great version of 'These Boots Were Made For Walking' to finish off the bracket and then Lone Wolf, Lawrence Baker took to the stage with Russell Hull supporting the Wolf on bass guitar.

The Brackets and Jam drummers were in full force on a few occasions and filled out the finale with some fantastic rhythms in 'Psycho Killer'.

If Phil left our shores with no luggage at all he would still have to pay for excess baggage with the wishes, memories and smiles from all those who attended this farewell show.

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King Rhythm