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Whats On Central Coast Logo image EVENT - MARNIS FUNDRAISER Whats On Central Coast Logo image


Dave Proust
Kasey Chambers
Adam Harvey
Gina Jeffries
The McCormack Brothers


December 18 2004

Adam Harvey performing at the Marnis fundraiser.  - What's On Image
Whats On Central Coast Logo image THE SHOW Whats On Central Coast Logo image
Gina Jeffries performing at the Marni's fundraiser.  What's On ImageWhats On Central Coast Logo image THE FUNDRAISER FOR MARNI'S SCHOOL OF PERFORMING ARTS:
WHAT A NIGHT!: I did a bit of space travel this weekend on a star-studded tour of a constellation called The Centralis Coastis.
First stop, Milky Way Mingarus. I needed the space shades for this one. A fundraiser for Marni's brought to my attention by the man himself - Mr. Ron Sinclair.

The two young MC's, Michael Hankin and Jess Bradley. did an excellent job with the introductions, some impromptu acting and involvement with one exceptionally talented Mr. Dave Proust. The first act was Two Up, featuring Ron Sinclair and Bob Bourke with additional help from the legendary Mr Rod McCormack.

A few cover versions, The Eagles, Roy Orbison and some Buddy Holly and, gratefully, Ron's own, 'My Way Or The Highway', to get every one warmed up.

Next came Mr. Proust. Dave 'Prousty' Proust is a comedian of the stage with his stories in poetic verse. I was so enthralled and in bouts of laughter (even recognising some of his tales) that I almost forgot why I was there - camera! Dave did a couple of performances from his CD. The first, an interesting take on every parents nightmare of their offspring's romances, and the new boyfriend. The next, Demon Drink and Mates go hand in hand and were made even more convincing by Dave's visual display. Little wonder he has been requested to attend and support many big name acts, including luminaries such as The Umbilical Brothers. You can catch Dave's antics on New Year's Eve at The Entrance as part of the biggest Big Rhythm act to date.

Poet Dave Proust performing at Marni's fundraiser. - What's On ImageNext on stage was Kasey Chambers. Kasey has become an international star but, in true local fashion, has been able to retain her warmth and humility.

With brothers Rod and Jeff McCormack lending some brilliant stringed assistance, Kasey performed a few of her latest and most popular songs to the delight of all.
A brilliant rendition of Not Pretty Enough reminded me to add her latest CD to my Christmas wish list... (yes, that's about a subtle a hint as I am prepared to give, kids).

After an intermission and an auction the stage was made seem so much smaller by the ever loving presence of Adam Harvey. Adam has just finished the video for his upcoming new release in early new year (can I have an Australia Day wish-list too kids?) and it sounds like a great time was had by all. His songs were of life and love and, well beer as well, but I guess that is life in the Land down under. The House that Jack Built and Working Overtime were two of my favourites. Adam and the family are taking a short break over the silly season and will be back in full swing next year. If you get the chance to see Adam perform, just go. You wont be disappointed.

Next on stage was the striking Gina Jefferies. Gina and her angelic voice lulled one and all with her grace and lyrics. Again supported by Rod and Jeff, Gina was the icing on the cake of an exceptional night of golden guitars and stars.
The words of one of Gina's songs - "what if you were a song I never heard" - gave my heartstrings quite a tug and also made me think. What if this was a gig I had missed? I would never have forgiven myself.

Every performer on that stage made you feel as if you were part of one big family. I for one am grateful for the blessing of having been able to be a part of it all and extend my sincere thanks to Ron for the invitation.

Whats On Central Coast Logo image THE RESULTS Whats On Central Coast Logo image
Whats On Central Coast Logo imageMARNI'S STUDENTS RETURN:
The students from Marni's Dance Academy have returned from a successful invitation to perform in Disneyland. The kids danced at the “Back lot Stage” in California Adventure which is the newly opened expansion of Disneyland.

The stage is set up like a Hollywood Stage and fits into the genre of the park, which represents aspects of California.

The dance was 25 minutes in length and included the whole company. They performed the dance 3 times over 3 days.

As there was no off-stage area, all the kids had to be involved in the entire dance. That meant that even the juniors had to learn and perform a 25 minute dance.

The dance was created by Marni to the theme of music from the 1940's through to today. The tracks were “Music” – Madonna, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” – The Andrews Sisters, “ Tuti Fruti ” – Little Richard, “Rock around the Clock” – Bill Haley & The Comets, “Twist & Shout” – The Beatles, “Love Shack” – The B52's, “ Wanna Be” – Spice Girls, “Sing Hallelujah” – (?), “Switch” – Will Smith, and “History Repeating” – Shirley Bassey (which linked all the songs together).

The kids danced very well. After the first performance the word started to spread through the Disney Staff and each day there were more staff there to watch what they described as one of the best acts they've had on their stage.

The crowd was very appreciative and the kids got a great buzz out of the response and the whole experience.

This report on the show in Disneyland was kindly submitted by Mr R Sinclair.

Whats On Central Coast Logo image FEEDBACK Whats On Central Coast Logo image
"What a great review recently for the well-liked singer Ron Sinclair.

Have caught his act mostly at the Bateau (Bay) Pub but wanted to let you know he also gives his time freely to my frail aged-persons group a couple of times a year and their feet always tap and he brings plenty of smiles to all the faces.

He is a terrific chap whose music pleases all ages.

My 22 year old daughter and her group think he is the best act at the Bateau also."
- Sent in by KJ who just wanted to say thanks.

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Two Up (Ron Sinclair and Bob Bourke) performing at the Marni's fundraiser. - What's On Image

The result... Marni's dance troupe performing in Disneyland.  Image courtesy of Mr. R Sinclair