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RON SINCLAIR: Acoustic Guitar
STEVE SAMPSON: Bass, Acoustic Guitar
ROD McCORMACK: Electric Guitar

Folk Country Pop

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Sarah Sinclair CD - Here I Am
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Whats On logo button SARAH SINCLAIR; Here I Am:
Here I Am, Sarah SinclairSarah's CD gives here the chance to perform the songs she has written without the possible intimidation of a live performance for someone so new to the live scene scenario.

Her confidence is more evident in the CD.

Knowing how passionate she is about her music I can almost see her during the recordings with that smile on her face saying it all.. wow, I am living my dream.

With musical help and encouragement from dad, Ron Sinclair, and assistance on the CD from Rod McCormack, this is a dream that has the ability to become a reality.

Sarah's songwriting skills are a pointed reflection of her influences. The voice within, waiting to be unleashed, will become more evident the more Sarah performs.

There are a couple of surprise tracks on the CD. A great duet with Ron Sinclair, 'My Way Or The Highway', and Sarah's comfort again reflects her capabilities.

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Whats On logo buttonSARAH SINCLAIR:
I grew up on the Central Coast of NSW and came from a very musical family. My father is my biggest influence in music, being a musician Sarah and Ron Sinclair at the Bateau Bay Hotel. - What's On Imageand songwriter himself, we were always surrounded by different types of music.

I was encouraged to play piano during primary school and started to play guitar in my last year of high school, but lost interest in both. I have always loved to sing. This is my passion and whenever I got the chance I would sing and Dad would play for me.

After a few years of living in Queensland not having someone to play for me I decided to bite the bullet and teach myself how to play well enough that I could sing and write songs.

My father and cousins had started writing writing a lot more music and I was inspired to do it for myself. So I downloaded some Kasey Chambers songs from the internet and learnt how to play them.
Within two weeks I had learnt the songs and had started putting music to some of the lyrics I had written previously. I loved it.
Creating something out of my own thoughts to sing and play is just the best fun. I haven't looked back, since then I've continued writing and am enjoying playing for myself.

My dream is that others will hear my music, enjoy listening to it and want to hear more.

Words supplied by Sarah Sinclair. E-mail Sarah for all enquiries.

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