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What's On Central Coast is an exciting and dynamic concept that caters equally to the local community and the domestic and international tourist trade. This trade forms the backbone of the Central Coast of NSW. It recently made local history by becoming the only website of its kind to break the one million visitor barrier.

Whats On Central Coast is an initiative of Debbi Lalor, a genuine Central Coast local and the website is the original and at the time of its inception much needed support for the Central Coast entertainment and tourism Industries.

Prior to Whats On Central Coast there was a distinct lack of quality online and print entertainment content for the Central Coast region – but not anymore!

Through 13 years of dedication to the Central Coast, its businesses and Community; we know what works and the best way to help you alleviate the stress and worry of driving customers to your business.

Experience, being genuinely local and the 'go-to', one-stop-spot reference tool for most things Central Coast is what sets us apart from new and very similar websites.

This Whats On Central Coast initiative has been an invaluable information resource and inspiration for other existing and new local websites and media.

You will find much of the Whats On information utilised throughout the web, on-air and in print.

Don't get caught with pumped up and purchased FaceBook statistics; sometimes they are not a true reflection of the website traffic. Always ask for and check the actual website statistics.
The Whats On Central Coast Facebook page has more than 6,500 genuine likes so can further increase your potential reach.

Whats On Central Coast also uses the popular StatCounter statistics website for a more comprehensive look into our statistics to not only help us improve this innovative tool but to guide us to better assist your needs for the 'maximum benefit' placement of your advertising.

To assist with the almost instant, explosive ‘response to demand’ and subsequent expansion of the Whats On Central Coast website; Whats On Central Coast also has sub-domains of Central Coast Gig Guides, Whats Hot Central Coast, and other .com.au domains owned, operated and very importantly, hosted here in the safety of Australian servers through CKL Web Concepts.

Always look for the familiar green, gold and blue Coastal colours and know you are on the original and best website for information on the Central Coast of NSW.

So grab your beverage of choice and take a very interesting tour of my home town; The Central Coast of NSW; you are welcome to pop in and visit anytime!
7 Reasons Why Advertising on Whats On Central Coast Works!
     1. Traffic
     With more than 1.8 million genuine visitors, the Whats On Central Coast website is the highest traffic, most relied upon, comprehensive one stop spot for entertainment, gig guides and tourism on the Central Coast.
More than 16,700 visits and 26,000 page impressions per month (Statistics 2014) it is great exposure for your business to a wider market.
With the ever increasing traffic of visitors to this site, and the growing popularity of the 5,000 plus liked Whats On Central Coast Facebook Page we're able to consistently drive new traffic to your business and website through targeted placement of advertising and images. 

     Christmas / New Year periods have exceeded 4,000 visits and over 5,000 page loads per day. These are not 'hit' stats they are actual visitor visits and page loads. (Hit statistics can be very misleading and vary with content.)
     2. Search Engine Ranking
     A Google search shows the Whats On Central Coast site at number one and two of almost 300,000 results with many local search phrases, while a search on Nine MSN reveals the website registers as either Number One or Two of nearly 800,000 web results.

     If you do have your own web presence, this is a wonderful opportunity for your service or business to be seen by literally thousands of additional visitors.
If you have a FaceBook Page to promote your business, Whats On Central Coast can also catch those that don't; just for you!
     3. Search Related, Specific and General Traffic Visitors ;
     Whats On can offer you a viewing audience pertinent to your trade or service type.

While much of the pages are reached by search-specific enquiries the sheer volume of traffic can enlighten the world to your presence; up front and immediately.
    4. Individual or Personalised Packages
    Whats On can offer you an individual listing or you can take advantage of our 'packaged promotions'.

Simply fill-in the ad request form and we'll get back to you as quick as we can, usually within one working day.
     5. Secure Australian Servers
     Whats On Central Coast loves to keep it local.

 Our website is hosted through a local company using only secure Australian servers.
Your information and computer won't be at risk from spammers and other nasties on unsecured servers Cuba or similar.
    6. Even Our Standard Listings Show Results
    Whats On's existence is for promotion of many things Central Coast and we are in to our 10th year of service to the community.

If you want that comfort of knowing that your advertising dollars are well placed, enquire about a general listing or editorial first.

Many of these are free of charge.
      7. Because It Works
    Whats On's extensive collection of testimonials is truly humbling, yet a great reflection of the assistance we have been providing.

We thank those who have taken the time to let us know of their experience with What's On Central Coast.
What Type and Style Of Ad Will Suit My Business?
Music For My Wedding Banner ad image
540 x 80 (min) Rotating banner
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2 On some other pages
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Platinum example
Lizottes Restaurant image Lizottes Restaurant
Lot 3 Avoca Drive,
Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in our relaxed award winning restaurant.
Live @ Lizottes gives you fine food and fabulous music in an
intimate atmosphere.
Telephone: 61+2 4368 2017
Placed in top section of listings.
Includes image, business description, address, contact details and hyperlink (if applicable)
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Gold example:
Lizottes Restaurant
Lot 3 Avoca Drive,
Multi award winning restaurant, Live @ Lizottes gives you fine food and fabulous music in an intimate atmosphere. Lizottes is open seven days a week.
Telephone: 61+2 4332 3611
Placed in highlighted section of listings.
Includes business description, address, contact details and hyperlink (if applicable)
Discount for quarterly or half yearly.

Silver Example:
Lizottes Restaurant
Fine Food and a musical mood
Lot 3 Avoca Drive, KINCUMBER
Telephone: 61+2 4332 3611
Placed in normal section of listings.
Text only including brief description, address and contact details
Discount for quarterly of half yearly.

Hyperlink Example
The Cyril B. Bunter Band 41st Anniversary Reunion Live N Cookin @ Lizottes 7pm  Main & Show $71
Includes a link to your website (or page) within your listing.

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School Holiday rates - POA

With stats of over 16,500 to almost 30,000 visitors and almost 26,000 page loads in a month, the Hyperlink is a popular choice for many local businesses.

We would like to pass some of this traffic on to you and your web site. The Hyperlink is the perfect vehicle for this.
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150/160w x 150h
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Image with nominal text caption.
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Specialist Platinum Prime Example
320 x 150
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These ads work so well as they are in the prime location for viewing on a few of our specialist pages such as the Gig Guides, Restaurants, Venues, School Holiday etc

Image or image and text variations. We'll suit one to cater your needs.

Varying prices for different pages;
* School Holiday rates on application and dependent on the season.

We can mix n match packages to suit your needs and budget

The Ad Sizes Shown On This Page Are Samples Only, Please Feel Free To Suggest Your Own Size And Shape.
If You Have An Existing Ad Outside The Dimensions We Have Shown Here, Don't Worry We Will Try To Accommodate.

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About What's On Central Coast

The website was founded and is maintained by a true local, (born in Gosford) and is very proudly Central Coast and Australian owned, hosted and operated. Your information is secure on reliable and trustworthy Australian servers.

Since 2004 we have been the one stop spot for all things Central Coast

See The About Us page for more information on the founder of this vital community asset

A snippet of what some wonderful people have taken the time to tell of their Whats On experience

The Whats On Testimonials Page show just how much of an impact this website has had on the everyday lives of many of The Central Coast's residents and national or international visitors
"This website is a fantastic concept and I noticed that it always appears in the first few when googling".
"You're really providing a great service to the residents of the Central Coast - if they can't find something to do on your pages, I'm sure there's a problem :)
Darlene - Cultural Resources Officer | Arts & Culture Gosford City Council
Thanks Debbi, must say to you, your site is the best, 85% of my inquiries come from it.
Keep up the great work, Cheers,

"I just wanted to thank you for your website. We are planning on moving to the central coast from Vic at the end of the year all going well on our trip up there in Sept.
The info you have provided will be very useful for when we move up there as I only have limited local knowledge and we are moving up with no family or friends there!! Its a really useful website that consolidates lots of great information in one spot.
Thanks again
"I have had some great feedback as to how professional your site is and it has been great in terms of publicity."
"Many thanks for the Advertising we received on the Whats on Central Coast Web page for our Rock Auction on Saturday 16th. May. Your contribution helped make this day a huge success.
Thanking you again
"We all know we are set apart from the rest in every beautiful way, from up and down the coast to the inland, but this site has to have the most support and information for our local and visiting artists, as well as everything else our Central Coast offers to all."
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