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Whats On Central Coast Logo image REVIEW: POET - DAVE PROUST Whats On Central Coast Logo image
Central Coast Burns Equipment Fund - Dave Proust DVD/CD recording

Terrigal Memorial Country Club

Email - Ron Sinclair
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Whats On Central Coast Logo image THE REVIEW - DAVE PROUST Whats On Central Coast Logo image
Whats On Central Coast Logo image DAVE PROUST: TERRIGAL MEMORIAL COUNTRY CLUB 15.05.2006:
I had first met the award winning and totally irrepressible Mr Dave Proust via Ron Sinclair at a fundraiser for Marni's Dance School when we first started the What's On website. We have since discovered that there are actually long time family friend ties as Dave and his family are locals as well.

Dave's first performance had me in absolute stitches and he had the style of a more sedate Rodney Rude but much more entertaining. Tonight was an extra special event.
With the cameras rolling and the sound sounding Prousty hit the stage. Decked to the nines in what looked like brand new stubbies and singlet Prousty recalled an event involving revenge and curry. Ouch -with friends like that ... The next funny fable was most men's worst nightmare - the mother in law from hell. The following tale was so moving as to draw a tear. It was titled "Love at First Sight" and it took the audience on that roller coaster ride of love that is our children, in this case, our daughters. Little did Prousty know I had been supporting my cousin who's own daughter had died that very afternoon. The tale held an extra special light and reflection for me for sure. In between sets, local duo, Two Up took to the stage for some great musical interval entertainment.

The second part of the show was also brilliant. Starting with a tale on the dating game and then launching into another based on a vasectomy you can imagine the surprise of the crowd when an extra special, poignant story of the Chocolate Soldiers of the Kakoda Trail was so movingly cited by this amazing story teller. During this tale there was not a sound in the house. No movement and no distractions. Everyone listened intently to this version of these unsung heroes of Australia. The applause lasted almost as long as the recitation of the poem. It was the most stirring tale of our soldiers I have ever heard. I can only imagine from the response of the full house, they all felt the same.
This will be an ANZAC and Remembrance Day must.

As with any comedic performance the visual plays a huge part towards the appreciation of the performer. In Dave Proust's case I have seen one of his shows so his first CD does make me smile at the memory of his antics, expressions and actions on the stage. If you have only heard the CD without the visual you will still find Dave Proust funny, but that extra bit of stimuli goes a long way to the total appreciation of this man's talents. This one having been recorded to DVD will be a bonus that I will be lining up for. I already have multiple pre pressing orders for a few people!

Whats On Central Coast Logo image PROUSTY “VERSES” THE YANKS AND WINS!!:
Dave “Prousty” Proust has won the National Cowboy Poetry Competition in Colorado USA.

Prousty, a multi award winning Australian Bush Poet and comedian from Forresters Beach NSW, took a chance on the yanks understanding his accent and quirky sense of humour and decided to have a go in the 2010 Cowboy Poetry Championship in Montrose, Colorado.

He performed a total of 16 poems in the competition, 8 originals and 8 by other poets, resulting in him winning two categories, one for serious and one for humorous poems.

He then competed in the Shootout (a winner-take-all competition, where poets recite an original humorous and serious poem) and won that!

This is an amazing result for an Aussie Bush Poet and shows that Prousty’s performance and creative genius is not restricted to Australian audiences.

Prousty will be returning from the USA in a few weeks and looks forward to sharing his experiences with his supporters.

For further information contact Ron Sinclair by email

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~ THE GALLERY ~ Dave Proust and audience participants at the Bessie Orringe Benefit - whats on central coast image Dave Proust 'Prousty' and audience members