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Jacks Bar and Grill Erina - whatsoncentralcoast image


Karalta Lane


02 4365 5050



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The terrace at Jacks Bar and Grill - whatsoncentralcoast imageWhats On Central Coast Logo Button image JACKS BAR - A MUSICAL HAVEN:

How many times have you thought “I wish I had a venue for live music”? How many times have you heard others say it?
Well it has come true for a local muso.

The Central Coast now has someone at the helm that has been there and done it and now steers the way to make things more muso and entertainment friendly but we need to support this to help the dream succeed!

Jacks Bar and Grill has full bar facilities, great food, a family lunch or a non alcoholic meeting lubricant.

With its live music roster already on the rise jacks is set to be the iconic venue on the Coast that is renowned for its entertainment.
“I would love for the locals to think but where can we go for some decent music – well there’s always something on at Jacks” says Stav.

This is a thought that reverberates through many of us and will also give those in the hospitality industry somewhere for their ‘week ends’.

Come along and see for yourself what that fast spreading word is talking about!

For the Whats On at Jacks Bar refer to the WHATS ON CENTRAL COAST GIG GUIDES.

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A full house at Jacks Bar and Grill Erina - whatsoncentralcoast imageWhats On Central Coast Logo Button image JACKS BAR, JUST LIKE HOME OUGHT TO BE:
Please note that Jacks Bar is under new management since this review

A few efforts on the Coast to run original live music showcases have been quite successful such as Fubah On Copa, the Live and Original nights by Ben Roberts, the Live N Local Nights hosted by Brian Lizotte with, initially combined with the efforts of Mike McCarthy and well supported, promoted and often well stocked from the vast amount of performers from the Whats On Central Coast muso base since its inception many years ago.
The most recent and snowballing in popularity original music venue is JACKS BAR AND GRILL at Erina.

The saying that inspires confidence in much advertising is ‘The man who runs the store owns the store’.
This is how it is at Jacks. The venue is run by Stavros Malliaris, who has been there, done that, heard all the reasons and excuses, endured the ludicrous and inane and now has the golden ticket – A home for our local original artists.

On a recent visit to Jacks HOME is a brilliantly apt word for this venue.

While many of the punters are live music fans many of the crowd were also musos and like me they had the feeling of being at home or a worst at a mates place. The place was full of happy people. Not a late night pub drunk culture but folks there for one reason - to have a great time!

The feel is music, the sounds are music and the networking capabilities can put those annoying social netwok sites to ridicule.

This is the home of local musos; it is a stage and a window for them to play and for us to hear. The atmosphere is that of kindred friendship.
Many times on the night I heard Jacks compared to that wonderful venue in Sydney called the Basement.
Top this off with wonderful friendly staff, the ability to have great food and coffee late into the night and you have the perfect music haven.

The Jacks Bar and Grill concept of the local home for musos is proudly supported by Whats On and most definitely supported by our local musos.

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Whats On Central Coast
is run by a true local, born in Gosford and is very proudly Central Coast & Australian owned and operated.

An extensive knowledge and a love of the area plus a genuine interest to promote all it has to offer is what sets Whats On Central Coast apart from the others.

So if you are looking for holiday, temporary or permanent Central Coast accommodation, a spot of Central Coast shopping, some brilliant Central Coast entertainment, a surf report before a dip in one of the many pristine Central Coast Beaches or a round of Golf followed by some fish and chips or maybe 5 star cuisine from one of the many Central Coast restaurants or take-away's you have definitely arrived at the right place..
We also have the resources to help with your wedding plans too!
Check the links above and also to the left and find all you'll need to enjoy a night out on the town or a whole holiday!

Welcome to my home town

Jacks Bar and Grill at Erina - whatsoncentralcoast image