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JEFF LANG: Guitar Vocals

Live @ Lizottes


Jeff Lang and Grant Cummerford  - What's On Central Coast image.
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Jeff Lang - What's On Central Coast imageWhats On Central Coast logo image JEFF LANG: Live @ Lizottes: 27.01.06:
A few years ago someone put a CD on and said "listen to this... you'll love it!"

I did and my question was; "Wow who are these guys?"
Well these guys were Jeff Lang!

Jeff's nimble fingered agility to circumnavigate the strings at lightening speed had me thinking there had to be more than one guitarist playing, so when Brian invited me to pop in and catch Jeff's show it was an opportunity I would have been crazy to miss..

It wasn't the last supper but the almost religious experience of this performance was awe inspiring.

Shrouded in the mystic transformation from mind to music Jeff Lang created an aural spectre for all the senses. You almost felt like Alice in the land of Lang.

Jeff Lang has not only matured but come of age while his writing, playing and singing are surely the pinnacle of the works of art that are Jeff Lang songs.

The man is blessed not only with the virtuosity to charm some amazing sounds from the equally amazing selection of guitars but also with a voice that has a range and clarity that is delightfully unexpected.

Cedar Grove, Slip Away, Ravenswood and so many more Jeff Lang works have the ability to inspire such clear images and scenes in the mind as to almost make you feel you are watching the song as well as hearing it.

There is no set genre to place Jeff's style in. It can be blues, roots or folk or, as he tagged it himself "disturbed folk music".

Jeff was ably assisted tonight by the highly respected and extremely talented Grant Cummerford on double bass.
Some frenetic solo spots from Grant had many appreciative eyes and ears agog.

Thanks again to Brian for the invite and the chance to catch not only a wonderfully intimate live music venue but the chance to be spoiled by friendly, happy staff as well.

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Jeff Lang and Grant Cummerford -  What's On Central Coast image

Jeff Lang - What's On Central Coast image