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Lone Wolf

Lawrence Baker


Force Of Nature - The new CD from Lone Wolf - Lawrence Baker
REVIEW - the gig
Lone Wolf and Phil Kng - What's On imageBATEAU BAY HOTEL:
Mothers day, 2005 was a hectic one. The obligatory spoiling and visiting, then finally the relaxation time.
One of the gifts I received was a treat of dinner and a show at the local.

Now this may not sound inspiring to some but when the show is one of the rare performances on the Central Coast by the Lone Wolf it is a treat and a half.

Lone Wolf AKA Lawrence Baker has been in the studios recording the long awaited CD 'Force Of Nature'. The wait was worth it and a review will follow soon.

With most hotels hiring musicians and insisting on the ever repetitive cover songs I was a little hesitant how the Wolf would fare. Thankfully the Bateau Bay Hotel is warming to the realisation that some folks also appreciate some original songs from the artists and bands they choose to see.
The punters showed their appreciation for some crafted and honed well written and exceptionally performed works on this day.

The obligatory covers were there but it was refreshing to hear Lawrence's own works being played. I thought I was to be transported back to the days (or nights) at the club where the Sunday jams were the treat of the week in The Entrance. The same songs were there but, as similarly as a fine wine does, the well known Lone Wolf originals had matured delightfully.

Lone Wolf was assisted this day by reputable local percussionist Phil King. This team goes back a while and although not having played together regularly for quite some time they had lost nothing. The intuitive and tight duo were making their presence known. The gig was huge.

Check out Lone Wolf's website and get a taste of the new CD album and single. You can even purchase a copy online. Pretty soon you too can have the Wolf at your door.

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Whats On logo button Force Of Nature" - Lone Wolf - Lawrence Baker.
It would appear the old adage 'good things come to those who wait' rings true for this album from Lone Wolf. With much more sophistication, maturity and detail from the days of the Sunday jam sessions and the 5 track EP, this album of classic Lone Wolf tracks and new works was not a waste of eager anticipation.
The included tracks are..

01 shine on 08 let the angels watch over me now (jack's song)
02 lost in you 09 used to be my girl*
03 shut up and kiss me 10 for you
04 will you love me forever 11 roar
05 lookin thru these eyes 12 she
06 devils road 13 downtown
07 solitary man 14 fall into temptation
* 'Used To Be My Girl' is also available as a single.

'Shut Up and Kiss Me' is my favourite of the new works while the passion in 'Will You Love Me Forever' stills tugs the beater strings. 'Jacks Song' is an emotive work, inspired, for want of a better word, by the passing of a local youth. Overall the album is still the heart and soul of Lawrence Baker: Lone Wolf with the same raw energy and emotion in each well penned and heartfelt set of lyrics.
Dave Russell's studio was complimentary to the thoughts and feelings that are the Lone Wolf songs. Perhaps a few less on the chorus in a couple of tracks would have been a bonus but this album is one that all those that have heard The Lone Wolf's work will be pleased to hear again and surprised possibly at how much more maturity there is in each track. The supporting artists have performed the songs in accordance with the feelings of the words and music. This is quite a commercially viable album while also being the stuff we know and love.
Once this is picked up in the States I feel we will be missing the howl of the Lone Wolf on our shores for quite a while.
Lone Wolf: Is Lawrence Baker.
When you grow up amid the hysteria that was The Beatles, the birthing of a myriad of new music and the advent to write your own songs, little wonder a small child set his dreams on tomorrow and ran away from the pack.

Some of us still question why, few of us are lucky enough to be sure and a select few know and feel that their reason for being is what they are doing right now, with passion.

Lawrence Baker is one of those select few; he is the Lone Wolf living the dream that was awakened all those years ago.

Lawrence started playing the guitar at age 13, although years prior to that he had an inner knowledge that he would one day be a musical communicator. The Guitar became an attachment to the person and was taken everywhere.

Lawrence penned his first song at age 16 and was jamming in the afternoons with a friend writing new songs and practicing songs of the moment from other artists.
The song ‘Nowhere Sate of Mind' was written in the back of a car at the drive- in waiting for a movie to begin at age 17.

His first live appearance was a hospital fund raiser when he was 20. He was tricked into doing a solo gig by a close friend who saw the potential and the need for a nudge. Lawrence survived the show and was a huge success.

At 23 Lawrence was touring this great nation of ours with a band known as the Glass Cannons. In those 5 years of touring the band was support for headline artists such as Suzi Q, Wendy Mathews, The Party Boys, the Chantoozies, Big Pig and many more. The band was often not required a second night as they were blowing the crowds away and stealing some of the limelight from the headline artists.

The calling of the original works had The Lone Wolf leave the Cannons to pursue the solo trail. Using a nightclub he purchased on the popular Central Coast of NSW, Lone Wolf had a platform to showcase his talent. He introduced the Sunday Night Unplugged sessions to the club (a first for The Central Coast) and had a host of local musicians, singers and performers to share a music base and a passion. It was a great success. A band nucleus was formed from some of the regular unplugged artists who believed in the potential the Lone Wolf's works had.

A solo acoustic 5 track ep was recorded at a local studio and over 1,000 copies were sold on the Coast alone.

2001 saw the birth of Lone Wolf and the Bad Boys. The band comprised members from the unplugged sessions and also a group of musicians from Sydney . Bar records set by some well known artists in some pretty impressive venues were broken. It was time.

Destiny gave Lawrence the name of the Skylab Studio's in Sydney with engineer (and owner) David Russell. The rest is now history and the future has begun. ‘Force Of Nature'; two years in the making and 14 tracks of the heart, soul and spirit of the Lone Wolf is here. With a few web radios, Jay Leno and David Letterman having copies of the CD an international tour is on the horizon. The music is likened to that of Springsteen , Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams making it appreciated by a large audience, especially in the States.

The Lone Wolf says   “Now with the 1st album done it is time to venture out into the world and become what I have always, in my heart, believed myself to be.. .A singer.. .A song writer... A musician,…A communicator,…An artist....
it's time to Rock and Roll…!!!
© Whats On Central Coast 2005

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image courtesy of Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf
Lawrence Baker

Lone Wolf
Lawrence Baker