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Whats On logo button DETAILS - MARK CASHIN & THE LIL HUSSY'S Whats On logo button
JIMI KING: Lead Guitar
JEMAL HARBAS: Rhythm Guitar
JETHRO ANDREWS: Drums and Percussion


Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussy's image
Whats On logo button BIO - MARK CASHIN & THE LIL HUSSY'S Whats On logo button
Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's imageWhats On Central Coast Logo Button image MARK CASHIN AND THE LIL HUSSY'S:
In support of their 2008 debut release ‘Bed of Light’, Foghorn & RgM management recording/touring artist Mark Cashin and his band the Lil’ Hussy’s are gearing up for a busy 2009.

Delivering infectious melodies and a superb rock dynamic, Mark Cashin and the Lil’ Hussy’s have already taken America by storm, with the track ‘Black and Blue’ which is receiving regular airplay across many U.S radio stations via 272 Records Hollywood & Error Fm North Carolina & L.A. With a successful tour of Melbourne under their belt and having LA and Hollywood on the horizon plus a new album to follow, the hype surrounding these guys is well deserved.

Mark Cashin and the Lil’ Hussy’s have delivered a groundbreaking debut album, backed by a world class live performance. The ‘Bed of Light’ tour will incorporate new material into the mix, as a taste of things to come, such a great combo of talent.

These guys shine through as the next classic Australian rock group so become part of this unique rock phenomenon while they’re on our shores.

Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's:
This band has a great track record of providing a solid rock sound & live performance by engaging the audience like only the best entertainers in the business can do. Mark Cashin’s slick song writing talents form an articulated blend, an infusion of melodic & classic rock hooks with a straight ahead rock flavour capturing those iconic rock sounds while backed by a world class band The Lil Hussy's.

Sitting down with Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's the band welcomes their latest additions Matty Saturn (lead guitar) & Jemal Harbas (rhythm guitar), with Mark Cashin (vocals), Dave Hentzschel (bass guitar) & Jethro Andrews (drums)…..what can we expect from you guys in the near future..?

The new album (the sophomore release) upcoming is an ambitious undertaking a bold statement they clearly know what they are doing when it comes to compiling brilliant rock music. “By revisiting my early rock roots for this new album I've unearthed some raw emotions……combining just vocals & keyboards to 4 tracks ....while striking a sonic & lyrical balance across this album..it’s a milestone to a greater sound, which is where we are right now.” Cashin says…“Exciting times are upon us & ahead….its been a long road, but we are focused & more determined than ever to mess with the status quo & the diversity of sound which our upcoming album distinctly has. Refining our choices down to upbeat tracks & emphasising different moods, the new tracks happily sit alongside each other.”
Their debut album ‘Bed of Light’ is sitting pretty on the international airwaves while the new single ‘California’ has been picked up by US, UK & now Euro radio & the music video clip for ‘California’ shortly after its 2009 release is also frequenting music viewing audiences worldwide it’s pleasing to see so much happening for Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's on & off shore.
Visit the website for the 2010 east coast tour updates.
Whats On logo button SOME REVIEWS AND NEWS - MARK CASHIN & THE LIL HUSSY'S Whats On logo button
Whats On Central Coast Logo Button image MARK CASHIN AND THE LIL HUSSY'S UPDATES:
Undergoing a few line up changes Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys welcome Jimi King to lead guitar bringing a phata sound to their music culture as they start tracking album no#3 this week.
For both albums ‘Cashology’ & ‘Bed of Light’ Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys have worked closely with some of the best music producers in the country as Andy Beck, Russell Pilling & Simon Tonx ( No Doubt, Soundgarden, Grinspoon, Cruel Sea, Died Pretty, Bush, Inxs, The Church & Noiseworks) & the latest release ‘Cashology’ is fast tracking its way onto media platforms worldwide.

Their live performances are gaining rave reviews as the latest music clip ‘Ordinary People’ strikes a chord on a variety of Aussie TV networks during October.
DB magazine reviews ‘CASHOLOGY’ as a vast array of variability & honesty in the music noting not many artists could be this diverse with this much capacity.

It’s intruiging how off shore, Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys music sits on so many radio playlists daily while at home down under they are just starting to turn media heads. With a 2011 aussie coast tour on the table, Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys will be headlining shows in Sydney at Lansdowne Hotel 28th October, Scruffy Murphys on 15th November & in Newcastle on 31st October for Shortland Community Festival.

Whats On Central Coast Logo Button image MARK CASHIN AND THE LIL HUSSY'S REVIEWS:
In their travels, tours and shows, this band of brilliantly professional and talented musicians come across some pretty appreciative folks.
While Whats On does do reviews, I have no hesitation in posting accolades from others regarding this amazing band...

Original Music on the Coast – Beachcomber Hotel Toukley NSW - review by Carlee Webber .
Thursday 2nd July 2009 - Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's, I Alone, Opei
Well…..very few artists yield so much charisma & talent that they could sell you practically anything before you have realized just what’s happening.

Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's have the charisma to do just that – but they don’t….!!

Their preference to concentrate on delivering a brilliant show & an amazing song write that just hooks you in, looking you straight in the eye while capturing your heart & soul with their sound. These prodigiously talented musicians are just awesome. Mark Cashin who has been writing music since his early teenage years I think reflects this in his music and stems from his music influences & life experiences…..i guess as all those iconic age musicians of our time like: U2, Queen, Inxs, The Police…need I say more, i see and hear all of these great musicians in this band. When it comes to today’s music, i just start to miss those great sounds of yesterday how the music connects with you on a personal level. Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's achieve this in every ounce of their music & their performance i’m so glad i was able to get to their Thursday night gig on the coast.

Standing alongside 200 + music lovers who had packed into Toukley’s Beachcomber hotel to see an amazing showcase of untapped talent, with an all original x3 band line up with so much talent here, I'm happy i finally got to see these guys rock out. Opei who started the night off was then followed by I Alone who traveled all the way from Sydney, I was really pleased to catch all these bands….but for me, the last band Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's stole the show with their amazing sound & performance..!! Mid week is hard to juggle going out to see a band especially in Toukley & yet I'm still overwhelmed with the vision of girls in Lil Hussy singlet's with their jeans & boots & the sea of guys in Mark Cashin Bed Of Light shirts in the crowd. I was compelled to just go & buy one of everything from their merch desk to be with the in music crowd….as i felt really on the outer until I heard these guys. They were just great & I'm sure Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's will go far with what they have to offer people who love to hear great music while having an awesome night out. So if you like original music check out this band, I'm giving Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's a rating of 9/10 for music, their performance and would like to thank them for introducing me to newage music I'm proud to really love. Good on you guys, keep rocking, you are truly a fantastic band & now i cant wait to wear my Lil Hussy's singlet to your next show.

Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy’s Live Performance Review by Sarah Pearce; Route 31, Dandenong, Friday, April 24, 2009

It is certain that there are some great bands around and some incredible musical talent. Some, being the word and them some are as rare as hen’s teeth. So in saying this, I must add, Mark Cashin and his incredible band, ‘The Lil Hussy’s’ are a golden Hens tooth.

What a punchy, rip it out, exact and well rehearsed band. Watching Mark Cashin and his band on stage, I was left thinking of the other dime a dozen sticks on stage and how only a minimal few can actually perform. I’m talking about lyrical ability, musical ability and also the ability to put on a true show for the people. Genuine ambidextrous qualities both mentally and physically.

Energetic, superstar, rock god movements and amazing microphone usage compel the eye and ear to stay just where they are, fixated on the stage, just wondering what The Lil Hussy’s will do next. Did I mention Professional? Bands, please, take a leaf out of Mark Cashin’s book, this is the kind of band that other bands want to be like.

1,000 Lil hussy’s, but there is only one in the end. It is easy to explain what makes this band so very good, but it is also hard to explain unless you have had the luxury of seeing them live. Concert status, touring status and label status. This band does not have much more they can do to get any better, except work on getting even better.

Any venue owner that would not consider Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy’s for live performance must surely have rocks in their head. This is one act you need to book; this is one act that you need to hold dear to your heart because one day very soon they will be massive. Bands as professional as this can only head in one direction, and that is up.

A dream to work with, what amazing people offstage as well as on stage. A true dream, oh if only there were more around with such incredible persona and confidence in their presence on stage. These guys know what they are doing and exercise it down to the nth’ degree.

After all is said and done, all of the above makes perfect sense as to their trip to America, they have something to show the World, and they are going to do it well. Praise this act now because very soon there will be a trail of dust as they head in to the sunset of their future.
Guys!! You are welcome back anytime. Just say the word.

What a real pleasure.


Mark Cashin; MGM/ FOGHORN / RGM

On the back of his successful 2008 debut release ‘Bed of Light’, Black & Blue is receiving major airplay throughout America via Error Fm & 272 Records.

Mark Cashin 's new single ‘California' the first from his forthcoming sophomore album has also struck a chord off shore in particular California once again with strong follow up spins on this track.

The ‘California’ single is servicing to Australian radio and media now and will be live on itunes worldwide in the coming weeks.

Keep an eye out for the video (produced by Melbourne’s Noise TV team and featuring some celeb cameo's) which will be streaming on various music channels across the world to coincide with the Itunes release.

W: www.myspace.com/markcashinband
EPK: www.sonicbids/markcashin
RgM - Rachael Griffin Management - Exclusive Management for Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's

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