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PHIL EDGELEY- Guitar Vocals


Originals Blues Roots Folk World

This Life
Then and Now
In The Blood
Phil and Trudy Edgeley (2014)


Phil and Trudy Edgeley image
Whats On Central Coast logo image THE BIO Whats On Central Coast logo image
Phil Edgeley  ImageWhats On Central Coast logo image PHIL EDGELEY:
Hailing from the UK multi instrumentalist, Singer Songerwriter Phil Edgeley, now calls Australia home with a very individual style in the Blues, Folk n Roots scene.

Drawing on experiences from a lifetime or two he has lived even before he came to the music scene, his approach results in songs that are direct, yet somehow, still soulful and sensitive.
With his trademark Churchill Acoustic, Tim Kill Weissenborn and National Steel guitars combined with open-tunings, fingerstyle and slide, his live performance is full of dynamics & intensity in both a lyrical and sonic sense. The resulting sound is a fusion of transatlantic, traditional and world styles with songs telling of the joys and pains of what life brings and takes away.

In 2005 releasing the album - This Life Phil received favourable airplay in Australia and Overseas. The second album - Then and Now, became another favourite amongst punters and radio stations alike in 2007.

In 2009 Phil returned for a whirlwind tour to his old UK stomping ground for shows in pubs and Blues clubs and an appearance at the 2009 Howden RiBfest

Due to popular demand, 2010/2011 saw greater goals, as he embarked on what has now been dubbed “The Neverending Tour”.

In November 2011 Phil managed to record and release his 3rd album – In the Blood, It featured 8 new songs as well as arrangements of 5 tracks written by some of his favourite musicians, it is the closest representation of Phil's passionate performance in a live show to date.

Phil's continued rise in the Australian Music scene has seen him rub shoulders with many local and international artists such as Eugene Hideaway-Bridges, Ash Grunwald, Ian Moss, Tex Perkins, Jeff Lang, Backsliders, Bondi Cigars, Andrew Winton and Glen Terry just to name a few.

As 2012 ends... 2013 will be an exciting new year as, armed with even more enthusiasm, the tour continues for Blues Folk and Roots Artist – Phil Edgeley.+
“Who’d ‘ave thought that a tributary of the mighty Mississippi managed to wind its way through Lincolnshire, or to be precise, tiny Rutland, and deposited such a rich vein of Delta-soaked blues in the heart of one of its gypsy musician sons. Well, Phil Edgeley is the proof that the blues knows no colour, only the passion to express itself with honesty and integrity – and a cheeky grin!”
Michael Smith, Associate Editor, The Drum Media

"Masterful guitarist and songwriter who performs with great heart and passion"
Jim Conway

Phil's shows are drenched in passion and soul, his material seamlessly moves from haunting blues to foot stomping classics. Authentic blues guitar with moving vocals, all adds up to a great blues show"
Brian Fraser

Phil Edgeley's album "In the blood" is one of the best I have heard in years, a true artist and exceptional all round entertainer.
David Churchill – Churchill Guitars

Festivals to date...
Airlie Beach Music Festival (2013)
Cairns Folk 'n' Roots (Cairns Festival 2012)
Darwin Blues Festival (2012)
The Blues Train, Queenscliffe (2012) Ash Grunwald
River of Art Moruya (2010, 2011) The Backsliders
Thredbo Blues Festival (2010, 2011) Bondi Cigars
Howden RibFest (UK) (2009) Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges (USA)
Illawarra Folk Festival (2009) Andrew Winton
Central Coast Blues Festival (2009) Glen Terry
Railway Blues Festival (2009) The Stiff Gins
Nimmitable Blues Festival (2008) The Spikedrivers (UK)
Davistown Blues Festival (2008)
Newcastle Blues Festival (2004, 2005, 2007)
Port Stephens Whales & Blues Festival (2007)
CoastFest (2007)
Mattara Festival (2006)
St Albans Folk Festival (2003, 2005)
Berry Blues Festival (2003, 2004)
Manly Folk Festival (2003)

Supports to date...
Ian Moss
Tex Perkins
Jeff Lang
Ash Grunwald
The Backsliders
Bondi Cigars
Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges (USA)
Andrew Winton
Glen Terry
The Stiff Gins
The Spikedrivers (UK)
Whats On Central Coast logo image REVIEW CD Whats On Central Coast logo image
Phil Edgeley CD back cover.  Whats On Central Coast logo image PHIL EDGELEY : This Life:
Pure and simple; This album struck the "ouch" chord on the initial listen. "Wow, here is a soul that has been bitten".
The ability to pen the joy and the pain of life comes, not from just our own experience but others' as well.

Phil has written some very poignant life tales for this CD. He has coupled them with some melodic, crisp acoustic guitars and just a hint of bass and drum. It is not underdone, it is not overdone. The words and the feelings still shine through.

The favourites would have to be Smile, Good Book and Gets You down. The clean, crisp, bluesy guitar on Gets You Down, gets you in on the first note. The album is 'not too heavy' bluesy folksy. Very easy to listen to. The details on how and where to grab a copy of 'This Life" are here OR grab one from Phil at his next gig.

It will be a treat to catch Phil live.
Whats On Central Coast logo image REVIEW GIG Whats On Central Coast logo image
Phil Edgeley - What's On Central Coast imageWhats On Central Coast logo image PHIL EDGELEY : Lizottes -27th January 2006:
Phil Edgeley was performing as special guest for Jeff Lang tonight and it was a twofold golden opportunity for me as I finally got to see Phil Edgeley perform live.

What a brilliant coupling of artists this was tonight. Both performers write and sing with almost tangible passion.

Again the restrictions for an artist to perform over dinner is one that not too many performers can accomplish with the desired results.
Phil was able to pull it off quite well. Subtle, yet audible and as passionate as his performance on his CD.

The refreshing notation being that the live performance and the recording were so similar. There is not a lot worse than hearing a recording of someone only to discover at a live show the performer has utilised modern technology to the max and sounds nothing like the live version.

While PET (Performance Enhancing Technology) has it's place in the other world of music, there really is nothing like the raw and unadulterated real thing of the real performer on the real stage with the real voice and real instruments.

Seeing that wonderful Weissenborn guitar of Phil's was great too. The pics didn't do it justice. The sounds it produced on 'Gets You Down' and 'Good Book' were terrific.

It was also an insight to see the feelings of the lyrics and music in the flesh so to speak. Phil obviously writes from the heart.
Phil Edgeley is a performer I would definitely go and see again at anytime. It would be even better to catch him on a big stage at a festival.
Whats On Central Coast logo image CD REVIEW - THEN AND NOW Whats On Central Coast logo image
Phil Edgeley - Then and Now CD Cover imageWhats On Central Coast logo image PHIL EDGELEY: THEN AND NOW:
Phil Edgeley is one of our many local blues performers, but Phil's difference is his ability to get you to step out of your life and look back in with his words of the common man.

Phil has once again captured the essence of life's little foibles and idiosyncrasies with this new album NOW AND THEN.

The timing (I have had this CD for a while to review but personal and family needs have held it back) of listening and doing this review is been synchronistic with my own life events of late and this added much to the appeal... that "knowing one is not alone" while enduring what the pitcher throws your way..

These visions of life are married with Phils ability to find the melody to suit the emotion, meaning and background images of these events in a most unique way. I know the next live gig I am able to catch of Phil's will also be a study in life while watching Phil present these songs as a seasoned actor plays a role on stage - with believability.

My picks from this CD would be Troubled Mind, Price I Pay and It Could Be Me, some because I can relate others because I have seen. I love the way Phil uses our often confusing but vast language in his lyrics.

The Blues are the blues and while many find them a little low it is a genre of music that if you cant cut, give it up.

Phil Edgeley will be around for a while and, I hope, pumping out some more great reflections on this life from back then to now and what is yet to come..

To have a listen for yourself or find out more please visit PHIL EDGELEY'S WEBSITE - you can buy the CD from there, or, my recommendation - get to a gig and get a glimpse of Phil's interpretation of the raw side of life.
Whats On Central Coast logo image CD REVIEW - IN THE BLOOD Whats On Central Coast logo image
Phil Edgeley - In The Blood CD Cover imageWhats On Central Coast logo image PHIL EDGELEY: IN THE BLOOD:
It's strange the things that you notice that you didn't notice before.

Phil Edgeley's 3rd album 'In The Blood' is another exceptionally well produced and presented example of his passionate craft.
The artwork and imagery (Colin Turner Butler – Earth Sea and Sound Photography) are an inviting beckoning to the eagerly awaiting auditory sensors for this latest recording.

Again, Phil doesn’t disappoint. His theme is life but he has included, with his original work, some interpretations of songs from the wonderful musicians who have inspired him along the way.

While I picked up on his signature guitar sound and style I didn’t realise how similar his voice (in the essay styled rendition of ‘Beeswing’ – Richard Thompson) was to Paul Kelly.

Phil’s influences with the blues shine through in many tracks and the ‘Broke Down Engine’ track is one of my favourites. The lyrics and almost raw music in Strength In You adds substance to the emotion of the song. 'Fight With Time' is just a song that will be us all at some stage; now or in the future.

His variation of tempo and style throughout the album keep you wondering what’s coming next; there are blues with a silken touch of folk and some wonderful interpretations of others – what a great album-full hook this recording is.

Evocative, passionate, pertinent, music and lyrics from a master of the blues.

In the Blood - Phil Edgeley
Recorded: Eric Collier; Noonah Studios, Sunbury Vic.
Mixed and Mastered: Parris McCloud; Cloud Studios, Wyong NSW

Review; 18.04.2013

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Phil Edgeley CD This Life

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