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Phil and Trudy Edgeley image
PHIL EDGELEY- Guitar Vocals
TRUDY EDGELEY - Cajon Vocals Ukelele Guitar


Originals Blues Roots Folk World

This Life - Then and Now - In The Blood
(Phil Edgely Solo)
Oneplusoneequalsthree (review)
Phil and Trudy Edgeley


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Phil and Trudy Edgeley - Samara Teague imageWhats On Central Coast Logo Button image PHIL AND TRUDY EDGELEY:
Phil Edgeley, hard-edged blues slide trouper, nimble-fingered folk alchemist, has been criss-crossing the continent tirelessly with a series of seminal sets and a vanload of envy-inducing instruments. His trademark Churchill Acoustic, Tim Kill Weissenborn and National Steel guitars combined with hard-knocking a reputation as songsmith, stand-out player and Troubletown troubadour on the Australian Blues/Roots/Folk scene results in songs that are direct, yet somehow still soulful and sensitive. In 2005 releasing the album - This Life Phil received favourable airplay in Australia and Overseas. The second album - Then and Now, became another favourite amongst punters and radio stations alike in 2007. In November 2011 Phil somehow managed, amidst this heavy touring schedule, to record and release his 3rd album – In the Blood, It featured 8 new songs as well as arrangements of 5 tracks written by some of his favourite musicians, it is the closest representation of Phil's passionate performance in a live show to date. In the words of Jim Conway, Phil is a.."Masterful guitarist and songwriter who performs with great heart and passion"

Phil's British Folk/Blues songwriting has now been infused with Trudy Edgeley's tropical tempos and melodies to create a new sound...

Trudy Edgeley, an Australian Singer Songwriter with multicultural roots in The Solomon Islands, Australia, Malaysia, Ireland and Jamaica, is back on the boards where she belongs. Offering a diverse and extensive wealth of music and culture, Trudy creates a blend of vocals and sound that reflects her passion for her music. From a youngster singing in the church choir, to solo chanteuse, music manager and booking agent she is now performing alongside Phil Edgeley in various guises, weaving the latest instalment of a story that goes down deep in her blood.

Playing on stage together creates an infusion of cultures that produces a musical experience that is both captivating and intriguing. Having performed together through the UK, Europe and the USA, Trudy and Phil encapsulate the dynamics of a great partnership and the interaction with the audience draws the listener into a new and exciting place.

“Phil and Trudy combine Blues & Roots with rhythmic patterns to make a powerful feast for the ears” - Brian Fraser.

Phil and Trudy Edgeley CD COver imageWhats On Central Coast Logo Button image REVIEW CD PHIL AND TRUDY EDGELEY:

I listen to the latest tasty offering from Phil Edgeley and Trudy Edgeley titled oneplusoneequalsthree and am transported along with them on one of their numerous treks around this fantastic country without the physical opportunity to do so.

As I hear the marvellous word, sounds and culture oozing from this CD I can only imagine what the audiences Phil and Trudy have entertained from around the world have felt.

The stories, the accents, the sounds, the music … their curiosity must be off the charts to sample more of these two exceptional musicians, wordsmiths and story tellers and a little more of our very diverse lands. Great ambassadors!

For us here at home it is an insight into the stories from our heritage, culture and lives. Outback campfire songs, Australian Roots, Blues, Folk, so many niches to place them in but try and forget the tunes – no way. They stay in your mind and visions and keep the enjoyment happening long after you have hit the off button.

All tracks are by Phil and Trudy and while it has the distinctive ‘Edgeley’ sound with new dimensions it differs on a few tracks as well. Trudy’s influence adds a mutable slant to the forefront of the songs that I can only presume are the tracks that are more her influence and thoughts

If you were thinking of testing new Edgely grounds think of that ad where they have you hooked already and then say … ‘but wait, there’s more’ … this is the more.

Track listing
A Silent History
Making Tracks
Going Strong
Black Dog Coming
What Comes Around
Can’t Be Satisfied
People Get Ready
In On This
Love Cycle
Will Starts Shrinking
Across The Sea

You can purchase the CD at ihearmusic.com

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