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Blues Rock

Dan Granero image  - courtesy keelie management
Whats On Logo image DAN GRANERO - THE BIO Whats On Logo image
Dan Granero image  - courtesy keelie managementWhats On Logo image DAN GRANERO:
Dan Granero is an Australian Lead Guitarist/Vocalist who started learning and experimenting with guitar & bass at the age of 3 years old.
He is self-taught by ear and feel on guitar, bass, drums, vocals and song-writing.

Dan grew up listening to a wide range of music styles like, Classical, Spanish Flamenco, Soul, Rock, Blues, Roots, Reggae and Gospel. He has over 18yrs of experience performing and recording nation-wide.

Dan Granero is an energetic Blues/Rock musician.

His Passion for music and life is echoed in his performances. Every emotion he feels gets transferred from his soul through to his hands and onto the fret board of his trademark Fender Stratocaster. Influences such as; Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton and ZZ Top can certainly be heard in his original music, however, Dan Granero is unique in his own right.

Dan writes about life experiences to inspire audiences to believe in themselves and to be positive about life.
He inspires people of all ages due to the fact that his personality of a caring and understanding person shines through his music. "I play the blues as it allows me to express my feelings and life experiences, I can just be myself and connect to people". Dan is currently working on his debut album which will be released before Christmas 2007.

Dan is officially endorsed by FENDER AUSTRALIA.

Working Credits; Ivory Chile, The Pulse, Field Day, Great Set of Hits, The Rocksmiths, Double Whammy, Circles of Life, Blindside, Dave Realm, The Glen Terry Band & Session Guitarist for Remote Control Recording Studios.

If you love Blues, Rock, Soul and Funk music, Dan's power-house trio will be sure to inspire you!

"Smokin' Blues BBQ" CD is available direct from Dan at shows listed on gig guide.
Whats On Logo image DAN GRANERO - THE REVIEW Whats On Logo image
Dan Granero - whatsoncentralcoast imageWhats On Logo image DAN GRANERO; THE MAN THE BAND THE MUSIC
I recall months ago receiving phone calls from two local, accomplished and very excited musos asking if I had heard of or seen a guy called Dan Granero.
Their enthusiasm indicated I was obviously missing out on something really good.

I did get to meet Dan at a local photo shoot for the upcoming debut Live and Original at Diggers on Friday nights for Peter Healy and The Hurricanes.
A happy, affable, quiet, funny man that was so 'out of the stereotypical box' of young guitarists I was certain it must have been a different person.

Dan Granero, put simply, blows the crowd away. His uncanny, almost psychokinetic
ability to withdraw a guttural "ohhh yeahhhh" from most punters is amazing. Dan is a brilliant guitarist and performer.

His songs reflect the admiration of the old classic guitar heroes, Hendrix, Vaughan, King and Waters who obviously influence without taking over his style of writing and playing.

Dan's own blues/rock style holds on to the fervour this genre has inspired since its inception many years ago. Dan keeps a positive spin on life in his writing and playing. He is a very soulful, energetic (incredibly) and entertaining performer.

It would have been difficult to pick a favourite as there is nothing I have heard of Dan's yet that I didn't like. If you are into the more 'rocky' side of blues rock make your first taste of Dan's music "I Can't Stand To Lose" or "Time To Wake Up". Follow that with perhaps "Yes I Know" for some great blues playing, a bit of "See Trouble" then slow it down with "My Baby" and the wonderful "Come On Home".

You can grab Dan's CD 'Live at The Catho Pub' (which is a great example of his shows minus the groovers in the audience) from DANS MYSPACE PAGE.

Dan returns from his European tour in early October and will hit the ground running with a few 'welcome back' local gigs lined up before heading off to Queensland for some more touring to finally return to local playing in November and December.

If you like to treat yourself to a Christmas present make it an early one and grab a copy of Dan's "Live At The Catho Pub" CD, then, assuredly, you will want to catch one of the local gigs to top the experience off.

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© whatsoncentralcoast.com.au

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Dan Granero - whatsoncentralcoast image DAN GRANERO