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ARTIST: George Thorogood and the Destroyers

Buddy Leach - sax
Bill Blough - bass
Jim Suhler - rhythm guitar
Jeff Simon - drums

SUPPORT: Nick Barker and the Backyard Six

VENUE: Central Coast Leagues Club (17.03.05)
George Thorogood and the Destroyers - WOCC image
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arrow clip artCentral Coast Leagues Club - Thursday March 17 2005

George Thorogood - WOCC image What's a What's on reporter to do when those best laid plans go awry? Wash it down with one bourbon, one scotch and one beer perhaps?
Amid making plans for my sisters birthday dinner, an unexpected invitation from the entertainment office at the Central Coast Leagues Club to get in there and grab the tix to cover the George Thorogood performance was a grand-scale appealing sidchrome!
An extremely entertaining introductory set by our own Nick Barker and the Backyard Six (review Pending) had the expectant crowd primed and ready to rock.
What a night! Old rockers never really die, they just hone their craft.
From start to finish George gave those eager fans every fibre he had, plus more. His showmanship and his footwork haven't changed. He still moves like a teenager on that stage.
The added talents of relatively new member Buddy Leach on some beautifully crafted and played saxophones was a bonus unexpected.
The Regency room reverberated with old classics such as Who Do You Love, I Live Alone, Bad To The Bone and all the ones you were hoping to hear.
Jeff Simon on drums was in fine form as were Jim Suhler and Bill Blough on the added guitars.
That 'George Thorogood' signature sound hasn't changed in all these years. You may well have been listening to the same sound 20 years ago. I was expecting a band that have been playing for this long together to sound a little different, if not a little older. No way, they still have the raunchy, bluesy (sorry George) character to their performance that has kept them international stars for so long.
A little teasing at the end of the show. Last song, goodnight, walk off, house lights up, stage hand grabs mic and a few 'What the's?" from the crowd.
Ha! Gotcha... three encores later, the ever thoughtful George Thorogood unit had The Australian anthem playing for those still coming down from their high.
That was followed by, surprisingly but in no way disappointedly, the Nat King Cole classic, 'It's A Wonderful World". To everyone who had enjoyed one of the best international acts in our own backyard for a while, it certainly was a wonderful world.
I will thank Kathy Blewitt (Entertainment Officer - CCLC) and Fay Toomey (assistant Entertainment Officer - CCLC) and the Central Coast Leagues Club for their unrelenting efforts in bringing these great acts to our home town. They have been responsible for many shows here that we would normally have had to travel to the big smoke for. Keep up the great work guys. You are one of the few venues who are willing to keep live music both local and international, just that. LIVE!
Best wishes to Kathy for a speedy recovery and thank you again.

Review by DL; Contact DL at What's On Central Coast

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The Crowd Awaits

Jeff Simon - The Destroyers - WOCC image

Jeff Simon

Nick Barker and the Backyard Six - WOCC Image

Nick Barker and the
Backyard Six