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Adam Lang playing a mandolin with the band Hitchcocks Regret at the Live N Local August edition - whatsoncentralcoast image
Whats On Central Coast Logo image LIVE N LOCAL - AUGUST 9 2006 Whats On Central Coast Logo image
Nick Ryan at Live N Local - whatsoncentralcoast  imageWhats On Central Coast Logo image LIVE N LOCAL :
Live N Local is a showcase of some of The Central Coasts most talented up and coming singer songwriters.

Initially started by a combination of the magic mind of Mike McCarthy and Brian Lizotte, the Live N Local sessions have been proudly and willingly supported for many years by Whats On Central Coast.

Many of the performers to hit the stage and make an impression and or a debut, have been from the Whats On Central Coast extensive list of local talented musicians.

Live N Local is held at the home of original music on the Coast (and now also in Newcastle and Sydney), at Live N Cookin @ Lizottes and is hosted by Brian and Jo Lizotte.

Many of the Coasts and the worlds most popular performers have performed on the Lizottes stage.

Whats On is extremely thankful for Brian and Jo's passion for and their continuing interest in, the wonderful and abundant talented performers who call the Coast home.

The following are some of the wonderfully talented folks who hit the stage tonight...

Whats On Central Coast Logo image NICK RYAN :
It was fantastic to catch more of Nick Ryan's work - I was happy to hear a well known singer/songwriter enjoying the night also, make favourable comments on his performance and his songwriting skills.
Nick had some assistance tonight from harmonica player, Phil Hewitt. Phil added a little more depth to Nicks wonderful words and it made me think of just how great it would be to hear Nick's songs performed by a full band - now THAT would be a treat... I will wait for that with eager anticipation!

Whats On Central Coast Logo image ANA KATOULAS:
Ana Katoulas is a local singer/songwriter with a most definitive "Aussie"Ana Katoulis - whatsoncentralcoast image taste to her work. The accent added a sense of quirkiness to her songs. It was akin to an innocent, youthful story telling session. It was quite refreshing.
On stage with Ana was sister Jesse helping with some lovely harmonies on a few tunes until she handed the stage and the spotlight back to her sister for her solo performance.
Ana's songs have a soulful, moral and earthy theme to them.. they seem more mature and experienced than young Ana appears. Her debut performance of "Simple" was a treat.
Ana mostly does some performances in the big smoke but I can see her sitting at a few cozy venues up here entertaining our locals and visitors with her unique sound.

Shane Romeyn from the Shane Romeyn Solution - playing at Live N Local - whatsoncentralcoast image Whats On Central Coast Logo imageTHE SHANE ROMEYN SOLUTION:
Shane Romeyn Solution tonight consisted of Shane Romeyn on guitar and Shane Brown on drums (a full kit).
The sound of the full kit and the unusual effect of Shane's guitar was big and I am at a loss as to what genre to describe Shane's solution as.
I think I would have to have leant toward the bluesy side of a genre but I think in this room it was a bit too big to make a fair judgment. I had images of Shane up on a big stage in the open, as in a festival setting. I will look forward to a chance to catch Shane at a larger, more accommodating venue for his style of music.

Whats On Central Coast Logo image

Mark Moldre - Hitchcocks Regret - whatsoncentralcoast imageWith just a glimpse of the assortment of 'instruments' that Mr Lang was setting up on the stage it did promise to be a most entertaining and interesting set from Hitchcock's Regret... but, how amazing it was to witness the almost black hole, vacuum like effect of Mark Moldre's quiet and artistic performance virtually suck the attention of those in the room to the stage for this performance.

Hitchcock's Regrets' name itself implies the class of the style of this band. A movie like comparison would be something like "The Last Samurai" or "Lord Of The Rings" (omitting of course the classic Hitchcock films here) to "Legally Blonde"!

Endeavoruing to describe the hypnotic style that is Hitchcock's Regret is like trying to describe a cool breeze on a sweltering day - until you feel it yourself you really cannot get the whole picture... suffice to say there are three albums available and an ability to hear them from the
Hitchcock's Regret Website.

As the hatted man used to say - "Do yourself a favour"...

© whatsoncentralcoast.com.au

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Ana Katoulas at Live N Local  - whatsoncentralcoast image

Adam Lang on stage with Hitchcocks Regret with a myriad of instruments - whatsoncentralcoast image

Ana and Jesse Katoulas on stage at Live N Local  - whatsoncentralcoast image