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Next Door Raw CD cover image


Jesse O'Neill-Hutchin (18)
James Watt (19)
Jessica Lord (16) and Lachlan Roberts (16)
Valley Of Kings*
Matt Lynch (18) - Jake Brennan (17) - Tom Beasley (18)
Ebony Bender (12)
Clairejean (17)
J.J. Emerson (18)
Amelia Amber (18)
Tess Green (17)


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Next Door Raw imageWhats On Central Coast Logo Button image CENTRAL COAST YOUTH COMPILATION:
An all-original compilation of young singer/songwriters based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

All proceeds from the sale of this CD are going to The Australian Children’s Music Foundation

nextdoor raw is a compilation CD of young, Central Coast based, original singer/songwriters produced by Brent Murphy for Rascal Music.

The objective for the project was to provide a positive and fun experience, with an opportunity for exposure, for the artists, with all proceeds going to charity.

The chosen charity is Don Spencer’s Australian Children's Music Foundation:

The CD was recorded live with no overdubs or 'fancy tricks' to capture the essence of the song and the performance. “I was really impressed with all the artist's performances, and the song-writing quality, over the 2 nights.
It was certainly a hard task to pick out the 14 tracks that made the CD. I found the whole project very satisfying and inspiring as there seems to be so much focus on fame, having hits and getting on TV shows today, that art in music has been left in the dust.
It used to be all about looks, image, sound and marketing but if anyone plans on having a career in this business now, I feel the focus needs, more than ever, to be on creative and technical skills and especially the raw essence of the song and performance itself.”

nextdoor raw is being launched at Lizottes’s Kincumber on Tuesday 26th June and all the artists on the CD will be performing on the night.

1. Feel Like Going Home - Jesse O'Neill-Hutchin (18)
2. Five Miles - James Watt (19)
3. Stars - Jessica Lord (16) and Lachlan Roberts (16)
4. Through Your Fingers - Valley Of Kings*
5. I Can't Help It - Ebony Bender (12)
6. Music, Clothes, Fashion, Travel - Jesse O'Neill-Hutchin
7. Acceptance - Clairejean (17)
8. Gotta Give Back - J.J. Emerson (18)
9. A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Valley Of Kings
10. Devil - Amelia Amber (18)
11. Easy Love - Jessica Lord and Lachlan Roberts
12. Apple Tree - James Watt
13. That's Just Me - Ebony Bender
14. Those Lights - Tess Green (17)

*Valley of Kings are: Matt Lynch (18) - vocals, guitar / Jake Brennan (17) - piano, vocals / Tom Beasley (18) - mandolin, banjo, vocals

Recorded live over 2 nights at Jack’s Bar, Erina in March 2012. Produced by Brent Murphy for Rascal Music. All engineering, mixing and mastering by Brent Murphy.

All song copyrights belong to the respective performer and are released under Copyright Control. The sound recording copyright belongs to RascalMusic.

Big thanks to the management and staff of Jack’s Bar Erina for hosting the recording nights and all the performers at the January 14th fundraiser. Special thanks to Serena Vickers, Bryan Clarke, Maryellen Gillard and Miranda Douglas.

Photography: Mez Gurley

Rascal Music: PO Box 5051, Erina Fair. NSW 2250 rascalmusicau@gmail.com

The CD is available for purchase from Macron Music (Erina and Tuggerah) … and online from the usual suspects
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Next Door Raw imageWhats On Central Coast Logo Button image next door raw - CD:
All proceeds from the sale of this CD are going to The Australian Children’s Music Foundation

nextdoor raw is a compilation CD of young, Central Coast based, original singer/songwriters and was produced by Brent Murphy for Rascal Music.

While I have listed a couple of the singer/songwriters in the gig guides, heard one play as support/guest for another local band and generally watched with anticipation a few of the names become more regular on the guides I was still fascinated and indeed impressed with the amount of talent that oozes from this compilation.

Reading the ages of a few of them made me think "no way"!

Firstly to address the fact that this acoustic compilation was recorded at live performances at Jacks Bar and is 'raw' is a testament to the production capabilities of Brent Murphy and the live performance capabilities of the singer/songwriters themselves.

Remembering the ages of these musicians is difficult when you listen to this CD especially the voice of young Ebony Bender who at only 12 years old has a more mature sounding voice and live performance skills than you would expect from one so young.

I have heard Jesse O'Neill-Hutchin play with Peter Healy and the Hurricanes and Random Ryde - his amazing guitar skills were already evident his vocal capabilities and variances were not to the point heard on this CD; his tracks - 'Feel Like Going Home' and 'Music, Clothes, Fashion, Travel' could be mistaken to be performed by two different vocalists.

Having heard all good things about Jessica Lord I was keen to hear her tracks which she performs on this CD with Lachlan Roberts. Both of theses performers are only 16 years old and there is obviously talent enough with vocal, musicianship and songwriting talents to take them on a very bright road to notoriety; The track 'Stars' is a great example.

James Watt (19 years old) is a new name and voice to me and I did like his musical style and lyrics, especially on '5 Miles'.

Having seen a few listings and heard good things about the band Valley Of Kings I was also keen to hear some of their music. With no idea of what to expect I was certainly pleasantly surprised to hear their two tracks of 'Through Your Fingers' and 'A wolf In Sheep's Clothing' both are standout tracks and I am keen to hear more from these guys and their step away from the general mould of youth music styles of today. Thoughtful lyrics and some imaginative music makes these tracks a really interesting listen.

Another new voice and name is that of Amelia Amber and her track 'Devil'. She has some wonderful range and music skills and I did love the lyrics - I was surprised to read that the track was almost 5 and a half minutes.

17 year old Clairejean already has a good base following and is appearing in more venues and events. With Royal Easter Shows, weddings and on air performances her talents are already widely noted so the fan base is bound to be growing at a great pace.

JJ Emerson's (18 years old) track of 'Gotta Give Back' is the only one on this compilation and I am keen to hear more of his voice, lyrics and style.

I have been happy to see Tess Green as a part of sibling duo Dear Monday become more regular at more venues around the Coast in the Gig Guides. Finally having a chance to hear her voice is a blessing. I will be looking forward to catching a live performance or even a CD of this amazing young lady's talents. This lady will go far..,

I have been known to say on maybe one-too-many occasions just how astounding is the amount and caliber of the talent that this wonderful Coast of ours nurtures and delivers each and every week and almost every venue that will host live and original music.

I can only recommend that the venues have a good look and listen to some of these young kids as they WILL be the ones who will be putting bottoms on seats in the very near future.

Thanks to Brent Murphy for sending this CD along - I love it.

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