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Whats On Central Coast Logo Button imageAUSTRALIA DAY 2006: The Entrance Memorial Park..
Frankie Houdini and NSW Police officers Mithch and John at Memorial Park on Australia Day. - What's On ImageThe Entrance Town Centre put on a happy, peaceful and totally entertaining day of music, activities, shows and rides to thousands over the course of the day.
Some highlights of the day were escapologist, magician and funnyman Frankie Houdini, Highland Greek and Polynesian dancing and some extremely entertaining, foot tapping music from the Handpicked Band. The night was capped off by an awesome fireworks display, the largest on The Central Coast.

Frankie Houdini invited a couple of the local constabulary, John and Mitch, onto the stage to demonstrate his 'hidden' talent of escaping from a set of genuine Police NSW issue handcuffs. The officers were quite comfortable on the stage and had their own golden comedic moments. Needless to say Mr Houdini did do an amazing escape from the cuffs but the secret shall remain just that. If you ever catch Frankie's name on a billboard drop in and have a look. He is quite the all round entertainer.

The dancing sets were a draw card for young and old alike. The Greek dancers invited many on the stage to join in for Zorba's dance while the
guys from the Polynesian dance troupe called for some men to join them on the stage for the Maori challenge, the Haka. Interesting to say the least. Simon Watts - The Handpicked Band - What's On Image

In between there was some great entertainment from the Handpicked Band. You just hope like crazy when you see a band with a talented fiddle player that they launch into the Charlie Daniels Band classic, 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia' and wishes did come true this day. A fantastic rendition to say the least. Trying to keep fiddle player extraordinaire, Simon Watts on the stage is a feat that I hope they never conquer.
The Handpicked band are, Steve Passfield- Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Banjo, Didgeridoo, Vocals;
Simon "the dag" Watts - fiddle, bodhran and vocals;
James Rush - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals; Kevin Brand: Bass Guitar, Vocals and Tony Keep - Drums & Percussion.
More to follow on this uniquely entertaining group of musicians soon.

The whole day saw thousands of individuals who make up the melting pot of Australia enjoying the freedom and peace that this country is famous for.

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