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Whats On Central Coast logo image REVIEW - ARTIST - SOUL CONNECTION Whats On Central Coast logo image
LENNY SAWYER: Vocals - Drums
TIM SMITH: Vocals Guitar
PAUL RUTTER: Bass guitar
ZAC TOOMBS: Keyboard Vocals


Soul Connections base members Lenny, Paul and Tim  - What's On Central Coast image
Whats On Central Coast logo image THE REVIEW - SOUL CONNECTION Whats On Central Coast logo image
Zac Tombs, special guest for Soul Connection, at Iguanas  - whats on central coast image Whats On Central Coast logo image SOUL CONNECTION - IGUANAS April 28 2006:
This was the gig that I have been waiting to get to for such a long time; finally it happened. I have been robbing myself for this amount of time? What kind of sausage am I?

Iguanas had such a laid back ambience to it and The Soul Connection just added to the vibe of stressless calm. This was just what the doctor would have ordered.

Soul Connection is a band base of three most talented musicians, Tim Smith, Lenny Sawyer and Paul Rutter. They invite other performers to sit in on the night and I have heard they have had some exceptional guests taking them up on the offer. Tonight was no different.

Zac Tombs is a young man with a keyboard, a wonderful voice and a style that fitted so well here tonight. His Stevie Wonder style was a perfectly fitting piece in the picture.
The vocals were shared between the band members and with songs made hits by greats such as Lou Reed, Bob Marley, Michael Franks, The Beatles and Stevie Wonder there was no way the word monotonous could have entered the equation here tonight.

Each and every song is performed with balance. Nothing is overdone and every note had it's place.

Soul Connection has a residency at Iguanas and they are not about to let them go I am sure but if you don't get the chance to catch the odd gig at another venue, make the trip to Gosford. The venue is great and the music is the balm to give you back your souls connection.

Thanks to the staff at Iguanas also. The coffee was perfect, the food delicious, the security ever present and amicable and the place was packed with happy couples, families and groups of friends.

I'm a definite convert.

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Lenny Sawyer from Soul Connection - Whats On Central Coast image LENNY
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