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Whats On Central Coast Logo image REVIEW & BIO - ARTIST .. PLANET ROCK Whats On Central Coast Logo image

MIKE CERNOY: Guitar, vocals
DUNCAN WARD: Guitar, Vocals
Rock (covers)
Central Coast Leagues Club
Woodport Inn

Planet Rock - What's On Image
Whats On Central Coast Logo image THE REVIEWS Whats On Central Coast Logo image
Whats On Central Coast Logo image PLANET ROCK : The Woodport Inn:
Planet Roack playing at the Woodport Inn - What's On ImagePlanet Rock, or Whats Left as some newspapers still insist on calling them, are the high energy rock covers band that will guarantee you a great night out.

With the recent vacancy by singer Dave Cavanaugh, I happened to catch ex Button Mushrooms and Lil Sugar frontman Neil Kelleher with the spotlight.

Nei'ls energetic and entertaining antics are a treat. The surprise of those enjoying the music on the dance floor to find the singer in their midst is quite amusing. With Neil having been invited as a very quick fill in he did an excellent job with great support from Mike (Mojo) Cernoy and the rest of the band.

Planet Rock put their all into their shows. The lighting, backdrops and professional promotion and portrayal of these guys make them an absolute must see and hear. But thats not the only bonus with Planet Rock.

The sheer amount of talent oozing from the members is amazing.
Mojo is well revered as one of the coasts leading guitarists. His resume including such bands as the Button Mushrooms and The Outsiders.
Greg Butt has an impressive past as well with The Mushies (again) and Damaged Goods. While ex Strawberry Blonde bassman Trevor Carmichael (who also did some time with the mushies) has been building his own respected reputation around the traps.
Duncan Ward has also been doing the hard yards playing in various bands since his Rat Race and Button mushroom days as well.

The band gels really well and it will be interesting to see who will become the new frontman. Mr Cavanaugh leaves some mighty big shoes to fill!

If you think your feet are big enough contact Mike and arrange an audition!

Whats On Central Coast Logo image PLANET ROCK : Central Coast Leagues Club; Scenic lounge 18.12.2004:
Planet Rock; Dave Cavanaugh and Trevor Carmichael - What's On Image Docking at space station Centralis Coastis Leagues Clubis, I made it in time to catch the last set of the final fling for Dave 'Cav" Cavanaugh and Planet Rock, or, better known to those who read the local print media, the former, Whats Left.

The whole place was in full swing, as per usual, when Planet Rock take the stage. The boys were milking every ounce of enjoyment for this send off gig and it was reflected by a very appreciative audience.

Walk this way, Prisoner of Society and a guest spotlight for "The Big K" with a fantastic version of Jet's hit and album title.

Planet Rock invited keyboard maestro Dave 'Krusty' Underwood along for this final stint and the stage was another black hole of talent.

Cav was giving his all. His vocal talent and sheer stage charisma will be sorely missed. As I said in the last Planet Rock review, you're gonna need really big yeti feet to fill these shoes... no takers so far, but one in consideration that could be a great choice. Not for me to name drop. You will have to wait for the horses mouth for that news.

Duncan Ward was in fine form, (and moving all over the place which played havoc with the camera angle to say the least) with rhythm guitar while Greg Butt on drums was in his usual state of concerted enthusiasm and excellence and well in sync with the other part of the timing section Mr Trevor Carmichael.
Trevor and his bass guitar were as entertaining as ever and often found sidling up to Mike Cernoy on lead guitar. I know we will miss Mike's (Mojo) presence on stage until a fill in for Cav can be found but I am sure there are a couple of cute kids and a beautiful wife to make him forget us for a while.

The sound, well, as all rock music should be.... loud and extremely well tweaked by that man with the big wand... (you know, the laser one from Star Wars) Rob, from Central Coast Rehearsal Studios.

Planet Rock as we know them will be missed. Cav is a terrific singer and showman who will leave a huge gap but at the same time we hope all goes well for him up north. He has given so much and now deservedly, is taking a little for himself and his kin.

Thanks for the fun Cav and happy travels. We hope to see you again soon.
Whats On Central Coast Logo image THE BIO Whats On Central Coast Logo image
Whats On Central Coast Logo imagePLANET ROCK : planet rock's Mojo
Are a 5-piece professional party rock band based on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Going strong since 2002, the band's blend of current favourites and classic hits holds a crowd until the very last song.
The band's professionalism and versatility make them the perfect choice for any event, be it small party or large corporate function.

Their extensive set list allows the band to tailor any performance to suit the mood or theme. The band's repertoire includes hits from the '70s to today's Top 40, such as current artists Jet, Matchbox 20, and Robbie Williams. Classic '80s tunes like Tainted Love, Walk This Way and Turning Japanese are a part of their regular set list.”

Bio supplied by M Cernoy.

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Duncan Ward

Planet Rock - What's On Image
Planet Rock