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Ron Sinclair


Originals and Rock Covers.
Country; Folk;

Writer for hire

My Way Or The Highway

Ron Sinclair - What's On image
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Track Listing
1. My Way or the Highway
(duet with Sarah Sinclair)
2. Draw a Line in the Sand
3. Think About It
4. Stronger
5. The Family Name
6. Take a Look at the View^
7. We'll Be There*
8. The Toughest Thing+
9. Never Take Us Down+
Guest Artists
vocals Track 1
Fiddle tracks 4 & 9
Bass Track 6
Produced by ROD McCORMACK, Music Cellar Studios

Whats On Central Coast Logo button image CD REVIEW - MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY - RON SINCLAIR:
What hidden talent lays beneath this placid exterior. Ron Sinclair shows his true adaptability in this showcase of music and poignant lyrics. The style of the producer does shine through but the lyrics would be suited to many styles of music. A veritable tin pan alley gold mine.
The smooth mellow voice does justice to the softly emotional words while the rebel shows itself on others. Ron's differing vocal styles keeps the interest and the entertainment indulged.
The romantic inside will savour Stronger, while the parental side will relate to Draw a Line in the Sand, Think About It and The Toughest Thing.
My Eureka Stockade roots thoroughly enjoyed Never Take Us Down and the totally moving words of We'll Be There; (the firefighters anthem?) did well to remind me of the unsung hero's that move humbly in our midst ready to give their all for their community.
One day I will review a CD that I may not like... that day is not today. This is a great little gem that I was glad to have the pleasure of hearing. I am now all anticipation to catch Ron play live... real soon!!

My Way Or The Highway
© Ron Sinclair except:
* NSW Fire Brigades
^ Tim Wright/Ron Sinclair
+ Ron Sinclair/Dave Proust

Award Nominations:
Big Note Music Festival 2002;
ABC Newcastle Music Awards 2003;
Music Oz 2003;
Tamworth Songwriters Ass. Awards 2003;
TIARA 2004

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Whats On Central Coast Logo button image RON SINCLAIR:
Ron Sinclair has been working solidly in the music industry for more than 20 years.
He has been fortunate to work in a variety of different areas of the music scene, ranging from ROCK'N'ROLL, to FOLK and COUNTRY. All of these experiences are drawn upon to enable Ron to handle a wide variety of venues and audiences.
Ron has worked in duos such as Joint Effort, Sinclair and Sampson and Two-Up. He has performed in bands including The McCormack Brothers Band, Three Man Lift and Lazy Harry's Band.
A great experience for Ron was his time as a minstrel at Old Sydney Town during the 1980s. This helped Ron to hone his skills and ability to relate to audiences and perform without PA equipment.
Ron's solo career has been prominent in recent years with a long-term regular gig at The Observer Hotel in Sydney's, The Rocks area. This venue required the flexibility to be able to cater to audiences ranging from small crowds of business people, influxes of overseas tourists and busloads of pub crawlers.
Ron plays at many of the clubs and pubs on the Central Coast and has toured NSW both as a soloist and as part of a band. Ron performs as a fully self contained solo act, as a duo with the dynamic King Rhythm, or as part of the duo Two Up

Whats On logo button image THE GIG REVIEW Whats On logo button image
Father and son, Ron and Dean Sinclair on stage at the Bateau Bay Hotel - WhatsOnCentralCoast imageWhats On Central Coast Logo button image RON SINCLAIR AND KING RHYTHM: Bateau Bay Hotel- April 2 2006;

Well I DID say get there early! Wow Capacity is an understatement.
The car park and lounges as well as the Beer Garden were chockers an hour or so before the boys hit the first note. Not one of the expectant crowd were disappointed at this special show.
On stage with Ron and Phil was special guest bass player Steve Sampson (Fin McCool). Ronnie has been holding out on us with this extremely talented friend methinks! Steve added so much more depth to the sets that the dance area was also well coveted from the early notes. Steve also added some extra harmonies which made 'Old Man' sound just great.
First walk on special guest was Ron's very talented singer/songwriter daughter, Sarah Sinclair. Sarah's confidence has taken great leaps and she is as at home on stage almost as much as her dad. Her rendition of 'Nothing is Free' was absolutely brilliant.
A quick few songs from Dean Sinclair followed with Dean doing a terrific version of 'Tip Of My Tongue'. Is there anyone in the Sinclair family that isn't riddled with musical talent? Dean shows much promise as well. A few more songs from Dean would have been an extra treat but I guess we will have to wait until Ron returns and the shows at The Bateau Bay Hotel get back to normal. Mind you, if I happen to hear Dean is playing elsewhere I will surely let you know.

More songs from from Ron, Steve and Phil, including a great version of 'These Boots Were Made For Walking' to finish off the bracket
and the next on stage was Lone Wolf, Lawrence Baker.
This is the biggest show that I have seen at The Bateau and the vibe of the whole afternoon and evening was one of joy, smiles and wonderful entertainment. I do hope Ron doesn't stay away too long. Folks have become quite dependent on their Ron Sinclair monthly shows at The Bateau Bay Hotel!

© whatsoncentralcoast.com.au

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Ron Sinclair - image courtesy of Ron Sinclair
Ron Sinclair
Ron Sinclair - Colin Turner Butler image Ron Sinclair

Ron Sinclair & King Rhythm