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If You are looking for a musician, venue, photographer, caterer etc

and find many musicians and services looking for the same.
Welcome to What's On Central Coast's
Here you will find the Central Coast's most extensive list of local based and visiting artists.

The Performers are listed alphabetically - click the links below to go to the section you require.
Artists M - R
Link to Bio or Review
 Fiona Magee
Originals and Covers Popular
 Christian Marsh
Diatonic/Chromatic Harmonica - Rock Jazz Roots Classical
 McCormack Brothers
Songwriters Producers Recording
 Ross McGregor
Original Independent Country
Original Roots, Reggae, Folk, Soul & Funk
 Mark Moldre
Original Alternate
 Matt Finish
Original Australian Classic Rock and Ballads
 Mescalero Band
Originals Rockabilly
 Midnight Drifters
Rock 'N' Roll
 Midnight Riders
Rock Country
 Midnite Tattoo
Midnight Oil
and Punk covers
 Mike McCarthy
Original Singer Songwriter
 Minus 3 Duo
Covers Acoustic
Original and Covers Blues Roots...
 Missing Link
Rock Covers
 Ray Mizzi
Keyboards Original & Covers Singer Songwriter
 Taylor Molnar
Original Blues Folk
 Daxton Monaghan
Covers and Original Rock Blues
Pub Rock
 Monster Guitars
Rockhard blues
 Dexter Moore
Original Singer Songwriter
 Craig Morrison Little Cowboys
Contemporary Country Rock
 Muma Jane Blues Band
 Ange Murphy
Originals and Covers Rock Popular
 Niksta (Nicole Kiepert)
Originals and Covers Rock Popular
 No Pressure
Original and
Covers Rock
 Nothing Sacred
Party Covers
 Angela Norris
Originals and Covers Rock Popular
Original Indy Pop Rock
 Maureen O'Brien
Original Covers Tuition
 Brett O'Malley
Original Singer Songwriter
 Only Human
Blues Rock Covers
 Open Fire
Covers Rock Popular
 Opus Blonde
Covers Rock and Popular
 Original Sin Duo
Traditional Blues and Gospel
 Outsiders, The
Pop Rock Covers
 Leanne Paris
Originals Blues Jazz
 Nick and Liesl
Original Folk Indie
 Natasha Parker
Original Singer Songwriter
 Peter Healy and The Hurricanes
Blues, Roots Originals
Covers Rock
 Fletcher Pilon
Original Singer Songwriter Guitarist
 Anni Piper
Original Singer Songwriter
 Dai Pritchard
Original rock guitar vocals
 Project Funk
Funk Disco covers
 Dave Proust
Comedy Bush Poet
Dave Proust bio and review here and here
 Psycho Taiko
Taiko Drum Group
 Teaghan Pugsley
Original and Covers
Country and Alternative
 Racz and Waters
Original Covers Indie
 Rattle Snakes
Covers RockNRoll
 Rave On
Covers RockNRoll
 Rebel Rousers
Covers RockNRoll
 Red Alert Band
Covers Rock
 Rewind Duo
Covers - many genres - Classics to now
 Rhythm Hunters
big band percussion
 Rhythm Shift
Original and Covers Funk Jazz Rock
 Rivershack Band
Blues Boogie
 RoadHouse Rockers
Covers RockNRoll
 Ben Roberts
Original singer songwriter
 Rockin Eddie Band, The
Classic Roc N Roll Covers
Original funk rock band
 Rock Republik
Rock Covers
 Roll Again
Rock Covers
 Rollergirl Duo
Classic pop rock covers
 Shane Romeyn Solution
Original Alternative Guitar
 Ron Sinclair and King Rhythm
Covers Rock duo
 Room 13
hard rock originals
 Lianna Rose
Folk Rock
Country Roots
 Rough Diamonds, The
Folk Rock
Country Roots
Artists S - Z  
Ballads to Contemprary Pop and Instrumental covers
 Seltic Sirens
Originals Covers Contemporary Celtic
Original Alternate Rock
 Ron Sinclair and
King Rhythm
Acoustic Covers Rock Pop Blues
 Ron Sinclair
Original Singer Songwriter
 Sarah Sinclair
Original Singer Songwriter
 Shuffle Kings
Original and Covers Swing Jazz
 Sinclair and Sampson
Covers Rock and Popular
Original Covers Celtic and Instrument
 Slightly Off
Deranged Cabaret
 Anthony Snape
Original Rock
 Steve Smillie
Original Instumental and covers duo
 John Smith Band
Rock Soul Boogie
 John Smith Band - Project Funk
Disco Funk covers
 Something Else
Covers Rock and Popular
 Something In Common
Original Rock
 Something Like That
Classic Covers Rock, Blues, Rock N Roll
 Something Missing
Covers Rock and Popular
 Sons Of Alamo
Indie Pop Rock Originals
 Soul Connection
Covers Soul Pop
 Soul Sound Project
Original Soul
Covers Soul
Covers Pop Rock
 Sound Theory
Original Songwriters multi-instrumentalists
 Soundwaves Mens a Capella Chorus
Covers 4 part harmonies male chorus
Original and Covers Popular Alternative Folk
 Spectacular Feets
No longer playing as duo
Covers rock
 Spirit Of The Coast Chorus
A cappella Harmonies
0243 655 045
 Spruce Goose
Covers Rock and Popular
 Julia Starr
Original Blues Country Rock Covers
Classic Rock Covers
 Craig Stewart
Original Contemporary Country
 Dave Stone Originals covers Blues Roots
Rock, pop, blues and funk
Covers Rock
 Sugar Mountain
5 Piece Neil Young Tribute Band
5 piece Covers Rock & Pop
 Summerland Kings
Covers Originals country/rock/blues/swing
 Taylor and the Makers
 Tempo Terrific Community Show Band
Covers Swing Musicals Classical Rock
 The Amigos
Covers Comedy
 The Assassins
Originals and Covers Rock
 The Bend
Originals and Covers Rock
 The Business
Covers popular Classic
 The Cover Up
Covers Rock
 The Evolvrs
Original, Americana Roots Rock Contry
 The Hangovers
Covers Rock
 The Hollerin Sluggers
Gritty Blues - Original and Covers
 The Housework Can Wait
  The Kicks
Rock Pop covers
 The Moods
Acoustic Covers original
 The Moving Stills
Indie Rock
 The Outsiders
60's to now covers
 The Pattersons
Covers 70's to now
 The Real Deal
Rock Covers
 The Rewbies
Covers MOR Classics
 The Rough Diamonds
Original Ballad Country Rock
 The Vale
Original - Covers - Rock
 The Woodies
Covers Popular Rock
 Third Time Lucky
Covers Popular
 Ashleigh Toole
Cover Contemporary Australian Idol
 Tongue 'n' Cheek
Covers Comedy Cabaret
 Toucan Duo
Original and Classic Covers
 Tourmaline Duo
Covers Popular Pub Club Corporate
 Transit Lounge
Original and Covers Popular
 Rick Turk
Jazz Swing
 Dave "Krusty" Underwood
Piano Tuning
Harmonies Vocals
 Felicity Urquhart
Original Contemporary Country
 Madeline VanDerMast
Piano Soloist
 Venus 2
Covers Popular and Rock
Original Contemporary Rock
 Robbie Vincent
Classic Covers Rock Blues Easy Listening
Classic Pub Rock
 Wallace - Gary Wallace
Covers Originals
Rock Blues
 Whiskey River
Covers Country Rock
 Rodric White
Original Jazz Classical Piano
 Wild Honey
Pop Country Soft Rock Covers
 Hue Williams
Covers Rock
 Bec Willis
Original Singer Songwriter
 Wizards Of Oz (The)
Covers Popular
 Ben Woodham
Covers Original Singer Songwriter Multi Instrumentalist

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The Central Coast of NSW has been the home to many internationally acclaimed artists and performers. Lets make it home to the many talented artists that remain here. Support our local talent. Lets not lay claim when it's too late.

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